Kim Kardashian and Beyonce to Cuddle Up Says Kanye West [Video]

Kim Kardashian

Though Kanye West has never been considered a man who holds the reputation of being a peacemaker in the past, it appears that the tide has turned as he now says that he wants wife, Kim Kardashian, and the wife of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, to cuddle up BFF style and improve upon the quality of their relationship. West is known for expressively sharing his strong opinions without censorship and, in recent reports, he finally makes it clear that he is not happy about the cold and forcefully cordial relationship going on between Kim and Beyoncé.

West is reportedly wanting to convince Kardashian to “soften” her stance toward Beyoncé in the hopes that their feud can come to a close. In fact, the distant connection between the two ladies now bothers West so much that he decided he will take the matter in his hands, personally, and work to change how the two interact.

Though assumptions have been made regarding the truth behind their feud and the validity of it, Beyoncé did make it clear prior to the Kimye (Kim and Kanye) nuptials that she was not interested in participating in their wedding because of its potential coverage on Kardashian’s show,’Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ Although Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not attend the wedding personally, it is reported that they did, however, provide a $100,000 honeymoon gift for the couple.

In another incident earlier in the year, it was rumored that Beyoncé requested to not sit too closely to Mrs. West when they were all at the MTV video music awards ceremony. But now that West says he wants she and Kardashian to cuddle up and create a more cozy environment within their friendship, Beyoncé may need to reconsider next year’s seating arrangements.

Back in June it was reported that Kardashian had finally decided to give up trying to become friends with Beyoncé after several attempts. The TV star did want to gain the affections of the singer and she had high hopes that the musical couple would be in attendance at her Florence wedding last month, however, after the ditched wedding invitation, it appears that Kim has grown tired of “pandering” to the pop music diva. Despite her relationship with Beyoncé, Kardashian has been very supportive of the relationship between West and Jay-Z. The two rappers had been best friends for years and have also been on tour together.

The question becomes is it possible for two women who so directly compete to maintain the attention of the public to be able to ignore the fact that they are in direct competition and, somehow, choose to develop a relationship that can be built upon genuine feelings of trust. Regardless of whether or not it is possible, West says that he wants Beyoncé and Kardashian to cuddle up their relationship and have more friendly encounters with one another. If his past is any indication of what to expect in the present, the girls had better plan to find a way to overcome the issues in their relationship and prepare to deliver to West exactly what he wants.

by Bridgette Bryant

Belfast Telegraph

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  1. Salem   October 20, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Seriously how is beyonce in competition with Kim , what talent does Kim have ? It’s a joke … Kim can’t sing nor dance nor is she flawless like beyonce bow down Kim

  2. Jeri   October 20, 2014 at 4:50 am

    This story is a lie!

  3. Afina   October 20, 2014 at 4:11 am

    BEYONCE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THAT POS THAT KIM KARDASHIANS. Beyonce doesnt need Kim, Kim is a nobody, Beyonce Is 100 levels 2 high for Kim. I REALLY HATE KIM AND EVERTHING THAT SHE REPRESENT, that shes about, i hate everthing about her.

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