Kim Kardashian Will Make Her Own 2014 Family Christmas Card

KardashianAccording to the latest reports, the atmosphere between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Jenner is still very tense and they are all currently in a major feud. It appears that Kim and Kanye are even willing to take their feud to the next level, since rumours suggest that they plan to boycott Kris’ iconic annual Kardashian Christmas card. Not only that, Kim Kardashian will reportedly make her own 2014 family Christmas card.

Every year, Kris gathers all Kardashian-Jenner family members in nearly-nude apparel to pose for a family portrait for their Christmas card. But rumour has it that this year, the family portrait will be missing some faces. According to the reports, Kanye West is currently pretty furious with Kris and he has banned his wife Kim from making amends with her.

The event, which made Kanye so angry, occurred last weekend, when Kris crashed his and Kim’s family time at a pumpkin farm with baby North. After she insisted on joining them, it became obvious that Kris staged the whole ting, since she called the paparazzi and tipped them off. And because of that, a day that was supposed to be a low-key day for the Kardashian-West family, turned into into a photo-op.

Well, it is no secret that Kanye West grows no nice feelings for the paparazzi and it sent him in to a rage when he saw them waiting for his family like vultures. Reportedly, Kanye knows that Kris was the one who tipped off the photographers, because she wanted to be photographed with him and Kim and she obviously thought that the famous farm would be a great photo opportunity. Furthermore, some reports even claim that other tourists at the farm revealed that Kim and her husband were arguing over Kim’s mother calling the paparazzi the entire time they were at the farm .

In light of the recent events, Kim’ husband is reportedly very sick of Kris Jenner and her fame tactics and according to the insiders, Kanye will not allow his wife and daughter to appear in the annual Kardashian family photo. Furthermore, rumours are suggesting that Kim Kardashian and her husband plan to have a 2014 Christmas card of their own.

Kanye West is allegedly so fed up with his mother in-law right now, that he does not want her to make another dollar from his wife Kim or daughter North. According to the reports, Kanye already informed Kris that he and Kim will make their own family Christmas card this year. Furthermore, Kim’s husband is already planning to make their Christmas card so over-the-top that his mother in-law’s Christmas card will look like child’s play. Since Kris makes a lot of money from their elaborate family portraits every year, she is reportedly furious, because she will have to face some serious competition this year.

It appears that Kanye is in serious war with his mother in-law and he is obviously ready to take their feud to the next level. If Kim, Kanye and North will actually make their own Christmas family card, they may seriously step on Kris’ toes, since her card will face some fierce competition, which probably means less dollars on her account.

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