Kim Kardashian’s Second Sex Tape Leaked?

kardashianKim Kardashian became famous when a sex tape of her and Ray-J came out. After the “leak” of her sex tape, Kim sold the rights to Vivid Entertainment for $5 million, after she first filed suit against the company. Furthermore, the scandal that surrounded the release of the tape ensured that Kardashian became a household name. Many reports recently revealed that Kim has a second sex tape and several hackers are desperately trying to get a hold of it. Did they finally succeed?

The Fappening recently released a video clip, which is showing 39 seconds of footage that is featuring a woman, who is reportedly a dead-ringer for Kim Kardashian. Furthermore, the woman on the video is shown having sex with an unidentified white male in a close-up. The hackers, who are responsible for the leak of the sex tape footage, promised that this is only a teaser for the longer video. The Fappening produced several adult pictures, belonging to Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard, Meagan Good and others. The nude pictures were hacked from the iCloud and they were published on websites Reddit  and 4chan.

The released sex tape also shows the upper half of a woman, with features that are similar to Kim Kardashian. However, several reports claim that this is not the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Kim recently admitted that she may have a second sex tape, featuring herself and her husband Kanye West, however, she is keeping it under wraps. Does the world really need another Kim Kardashian sex tape?

It seems like the reality star did not learn her lesson when several nude photos of her were leaked. Kim now walks around and she is publicly announcing that she just might have another sex tape in the archive. Despite the fact that she may be convinced that she is only throwing a bone to chew on to the media, this action could have some serious consequences. Hackers are hackers and if they want something, they will get it. But the question is, does Kim really want another sex tape in the media?

In one of her recent interviews, Kim actually said that she does not want to make the same mistake twice and she does not want her other sex tape to go public. However, on her first sex tape, the world already saw just about everything that the reality star has to offer. Besides, Kim is always walking around half-naked and the fact is that more and more people are making fun of her, because of the way she tries to get the media attention. Well, here is the news. Being half naked all the time and discussing your “possible” second sex tape is surely not the way to convince people to take you seriously.

Some would expect that Kim would be thinking a little bit more maturely, since after all, she is a mother now. And despite the fact that she may not be responsible for the recently released video clip, Kardashian surely knows how to stay in the spotlight. If the day comes, when her second video tape emerges, Kim Kardashian can only blame it on herself.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

International Business Times
The Daily Beast

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