Kris Jenner Monitors Kardashian Clan Through Google Alerts

Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch monitors her child’s whereabouts via Google Alerts, which she says she uses when she cannot remember where they are. The 58-year-old recently gave an interview with E! in which she described her tracking methods.

Rumors that Jenner uses the system to keep tabs on her kids have been circulating the internet for weeks. When asked by E! hostess Giuliana Ranic if they were true, the mom of six wasted no time in confirming that they were. She says she uses it not as a means of spying or keeping a strong handle on her younger children, but rather as a means of knowing where all her brood is at the same time. When Ranic looked rather taken aback at this answer and said that she thought the rumors were just untrue gossip, Jenner laughed off what seemed to be a tinge of embarrassment on the matter and went on to reiterate that she only uses to know where everyone is at any given time and not because she obsessively needs to keep tabs on them like everyone believes. The one Kardashian child Jenner did not admit to keeping an alert on was 27-year-old Rob Kardashian, although she did not give any reason as to why this was.

Many eyebrows have been raised following the news of the San Diego native’s tracking ways, as it is widely regarded as Jenner taking her “momager” tendencies, for which she has been heavily criticized for in the past, to a further extreme. She has been publicly scrutinized for her role on the family’s reality television show, in which some viewers feel she does not allow her children to grow and make their own decisions before she steps in and makes their life choices for them. The fact that she allowed her youngest daughters to be aired on the show and become famous at such a young age (the sisters were 10 and 11 when the show debuted on E! in 2007) is frowned upon by some viewers who feel that the girls were too young to be exposed to the spotlight. Jenner has also been accused of spoiling the two youngest sisters, giving Kylie another vehicle after she famously crashed her first one not too long after she received it.

Jenner has certainly been receiving her fair share of media attention in the last month. Just under three weeks ago, she and former Olympian husband Bruce officially filed for divorce, after having been separated for well over a year. They listed the grounds for divorce as irreconcilable differences (as most Hollywood couples do, provided no infidelity was committed that they wish to list on the documents). Neither one of the two will receive spousal support, and divided their accumulated $60 million in wealth accordingly. Custody of their 17-year-old daughter Kylie, who is the couple’s only minor, will be split between them.

It remains to be seen what thoughts the Kardashian children have of the knowledge that Kris Jenner tracks their whereabouts on Google Alerts. None of them have yet to give any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Daily Mirror
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