Lava Evacuation Possible for Hawaii Residents


An active lava flow, measuring 35 yards in width, is threatening homes and residents in the region of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. At this time, the lava flow is slow moving at a rate of approximately 10 yards an hour and is headed toward the region’s largest town, Pahoa.

Geologist, Matt Patrick with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said it is unclear when the magma will reach the town’s main street, Pahoa Village Road. However, officials are taking every precaution, going door-to-door, warning residents of the danger and keeping them updated on the situation.

A mandatory evacuation will be issued if the lava flow picks up speed and/or becomes increasingly dangerous to the point that residents will not be able to safely leave their homes on short notice.

By Donna W. Martin

Photo by Vincent Ma – Flickr License

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