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Legend of Korra

*Warning: This Review contains some spoilers from the episode*

Legend of Korra ‘Korra Alone’ shelves out answers and unveils the return of a familiar face this past week. Well it seems that viewers do not have to wonder where avatar Korra has been, the latest on-line episode revealed what the young protagonist has been up to these past few years leading up to her defeat in the fight club-esque Earth Kingdom ring. After her battle with Zahir, the young hero was left traumatized and paralyzed from the waste down. Korra ended up returning back home to the Southern Water tribe to rest, recover, and overcome the traumatic event. Her recovery was more emotional than physical and it seems that the young heroine is still fighting some demons/spirits within herself.

Legend of Korra ‘Korra Alone’ opens right where ‘After All These Years‘ left off. The young avatar had easily been defeated by a female Earth bender and she was in a nearby bathroom using some water bending to heal her wounds. As she left the restroom, she was immediately confronted by an ethereal version of herself in the avatar state from the last episode in Book 3. In true In true Korra fashion, she attacks head on with some fire bending but leaves the figure unphased. Before viewers could get any further answers, the spectra was gone and bystanders were left wondering who and what Korra was fighting. At first, it appeared that only Korra was the one that could see haunting figure. It was still unclear whether the young avatar had finally snapped and begun hallucinating or she maybe she was really being haunted by a malevolent spirit.

Flashback to after the coronation at the end of Legend of Korra Book 3, she returned home feeling less than her usual headstrong and aggressive self. Months had passed since her fight with Zahir and the avatar could barely eat, sleep, write back to her members of team avatar, or even bring herself to physical therapy to walk again. Her spirit was visibly broken and the post-traumatic stress was taking a toll on her ability to recover and function. In a last effort plea from her mother, Korra finally managed to will herself to see master healer Katara. After some guidance and wisdom and a Kill Bill-inspired scene, Katara was able to motivate Korra to move her big toe. From the toe to finally moving both legs, the avatar’s rehabilitation was proving to be a success. Her willingness and determination were slowly, but surely, coming back and Korra was feeling like herself again-the Korra that fans may remember from Legend of Korra’s premiere.

All seemed will, but the young heroine might have been jumping the gun on her recovery. In a sparring scene reminiscent of viewers first introduction from the Legend of Korra debut, the avatar tested her limits by taking on three fire benders. At first it appeared that she could handle their attacks, but when an image of Zahir flashed in her mind, she choked and proved not 100 percent. The encounter with the Red Lotus radicals was still haunting her and, though her body had appeared healed, the mind and spirit still needed some time.

Korra needed to figure out why she was still not back to herself. Her moment of self-reflection comes in an emotional letter to the last person viewers would expect her to write to- Asami. After avoiding writing back to many of the members of team avatar, Korra decided to confide in Asami about the struggles of her recovery. This moment of weakness showed that there was still some soul-searching for the young fighter to do. Korra decided that there was no longer any healing left for her in the Southern water tribe and made the journey to Republic City to see her friends.

The journey proved longer and different from what she planned as the vision of the glowey-eyed version of herself appeared everywhere she turned. Korra did not return to Republic City, but decided to venture across the Legend of Korra world of volcanic territory, deserts, and vast ocean, all the while being stalked by the spirit from a distance. Almost as if this spirit was a metaphorical message that Korra could not escape herself or the pain that she suffered.

Fast-forward through her journey, Korra ended up back in the Earth Kingdom with a new do and some new clothes. Viewers and fanboys and girls of Legend of Korra later find out that, in her mind, Korra was actually in the ring fighting the spirit that was following her. A bit of a brain twist, but it also turns out that other spirits can see this menacing version of herself too and that Korra was not going crazy. After leaving the ring, she was led to the swamp for a final fight with the glowey-eyed version of herself. Losing the fight and waking up in the home of the long thought lost Toph was just another highlight to this emotional episode.

What writers Michael Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko managed to accomplish with Legend of Korra ‘Korra Alone’ in the this 22-minute episode is a psychological and emotional ride for viewers. Answered were given as to what was going on in Korra’s mind post-Zahir and many questions were still left unexplained. An entertaining watch that further proves that Legend of Korra Book 4 is to be one of the strongest seasons in the show’s history.

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