Lenovo Reveals Its First Smartband

LenovoLenovo silently revealed its first Smartband SW-B100 and the company has now joined some other companies with smart devices, which people put on for assistance in their exercise. Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 will become a competition to Sony’s Smartband SWR10 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Fit, which are already on the market.

Lenovo reportedly likes doing its own thing. This tactic pays off sometimes, like it did with the company’s Yoga laptops. However, there are other times, when the Lenovo customers end up with tablets with strange kickstands and built-in projectors. Well, despite the 50:50 odds, the company decided to do its own thing with Smartband SW-100 too.

The Lenovo Smartband SW-100 was not announced in a pompous style, but the device has appeared on Lenovo’s website in a choice of blue or orange. According to what is written on the page, the Smartband SW-B100 is for young people, who take care of their personal health and who are interested in new tech trend products.

Smartband SW-B100 has the classic features that people expect from smart devices. This band measures steps, walked or jogged distance, burned calories and the heart rate. After the device collects data on user’s daytime activity and night-time inactivity (Smartband SW-B100 also supports sleep tracking), the results are then presented in daily, weekly and monthly graphs. The device is even that smart, that it connects with the user’s smart phone and it then displays information about missed calls, text messages and tasks in the calendar, time and date.

Unlike most fitness bands that are currently on the market, Smartband SW-B100 does a couple of things that people would more typically expect from a smartwatch, which tends to have more functions than just a simple fitness band. Not only does the Smartband SW-B100 shows user’s missed calls and text messages, it also shows the appointments and exercise reminders. According to Lenovo, notifications can be customised, in order to improve both work and life efficiency.

Smartband SW-B100 also has one very clever feature, which was not really seen on many other devices. This device can automatically log the user in on his/her computer, without the user having to type a password.

However, it is interesting that Lenovo will avoid all large operating systems (Android Wear and Tizen) and it will most likely use its own. This is a double-edged sword, because the adaptation and the use of other applications will not be possible, that is of course if Lenovo will not open the APIs for the developers.Lenovo

Despite the fact that Smartband SW-B100 will use its own operating system, it will be compatible with both Android 4.3 and above, and iOS 7.1 and above. The listing does not give any suggestion about the price, but it is known that there will be two models of Smartband SW-B100: in orange and blue colour, and both models have a black base.

According to the reports, Lenovo promised that the Smartband SW-B100 will be available before the start of the Christmas shopping season. However, the company did not give any official comment on its Smartband SW-B100 yet.

By: Janette Verdnik

International Business Times
PC World

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