Man Who Had Ebola Wakes Up From the Dead

A man who had Ebola wakes up from the dead. This apparently happened during the time the locals had gathered around a street in Liberia to watch a burial team recover the body of the person thought to have died from the Ebola virus from beside a pathway. An American chief medical reporter and news journalist, Dr. Richard Besser, was on the scene, as well, doing a story. He explained how locals attempted to get medical treatment for the man, age 37, the day before but no one came.

However, when news started going around about his demise, the burial team showed up at the area within an hour’s time. At this point, with the disease outbreak in Liberia being so severe, it is challenging to find assistance for those who come down with the virus. As Dr. Besser stated, it is often easier to get help for those who have died than those who are still alive.

What would come next would be a big shock for the news team. After the burial team had sprayed the person’s entire body down with bleach and moved him over to a black plastic body bag for wrapping, the man unexpectedly moved. Dr. Besser reported yelled that the person was not dead as camera crews caught the man’s arm slightly moving. After that, the person was able to get a ride on an ambulance that happened to be passing by, but Dr. Besser stated he had no idea where they ended up taking him.

The news crew was able to film that shocking moment when the man, assumed to have died from the horrible Ebola virus, ended up regaining consciousness while he was being lifted into the black body bag by the burial team. Dr. Besser had been reporting up and down the streets of the capital of Liberia, Monrovia. He was having his crew film in order to show how the authorities there were going about clearing up the dead bodies that happened to be found by the wayside.

The burial team drenching the person’s body in bleach is considered to be a normal precaution measure in an effort to halt the infection’s spread. They did this before they ever picked him up and placed him inside the body bag. All these events were happening on the side of a road in the front of hundreds of Liberian spectators.

The fellow’s condition was extremely poor and it is unknown if he later survived or not. Residents explained that they had spent many days attempting to resuscitate the person, but that they had no obvious success. What was even odder was the man was removed from the black body bag and put on a stretcher. Then, they allowed him to hitch a ride in the same ambulance he would have been taken in the first place had they came and gotten him the day before like they were supposed to.

As of the present time, nearly 2,000 Liberians have been killed due to the deadly Ebola infection, which has shattered West Africa and thrown its health system into total chaos. Dr. Besser noted that the Ebola outbreak is the most overwhelming thing he has observed in his time as a reporter. However, even he had never seen a man who had Ebola wake up from the dead until this event occurred.

By Kimberly Ruble

Sydney Morning Herald
USA Today
International Business Times

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