Ellen DeGeneres Starts Career for a Five-Year-Old [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her comedy and very successful daytime talk show, The Ellen Show, but she is also known for making dreams come true and starting careers for people like five-year-old Noah Ritter. Noah Ritter became an Internet sensation when his hilarious live TV interview of him at the Wayne County Fair in his home state of Pennsylvania went viral.

Ritter’s comments in his live TV interview state that he has never before been on television and made an excessive use of the word “apparently” very comical. Of course, to young Ritter, he is just being himself when it seems to the rest of the world that he is putting on a very well-tuned stand-up comedy act. With statements like saying he does not watch the news because he is only a kid, and “apparently,” his grandpa only gives him the remote to watch TV after the PowerBall is over, it seems almost too good to be made up.

In the past, DeGeneres has brought many child Internet sensations onto her show such as the British sisters, Sophia Grace and Rosie. In doing so with Ritter, the talk show host may have just launched the career of the next child star. Already since his original interview at the fair in Pennsylvania and his appearance on The Ellen Show, Ritter has landed his first national commercial. Ritter can now be seen playing with puppies, cleverly using the word “apparently” and making smart remarks in the new advertisement for Freshpet pet food.

The commercial could just be the beginning for Ritter, as DeGeneres has just giving him another nationally exposed task. On Ritter’s second appearance on The Ellen Show, the host gave him a cowboy hat and bandana to wear and asked him if he would be her official reporter for her show at the Texas State Fair in Dallas. “Apparently,” Ritter will be making yet another appearance on DeGeneres’ show as he will most likely have plenty to report on from his experiences at the fair, which is reportedly running until October 19.

Ritter’s latest appearance on The Ellen Show highlighted his antics at the arena spectacular, Walking With Dinosaurs. DeGeneres graciously gave Ritter tickets to the event at his first appearance on her show after hearing the five-year-old had a great love for dinosaurs. The behind-the-scenes video of Ritter at the event in Los Angeles shows him being greeted by paleontologist Thomas Huxley.

Huxley is then seen taking Ritter into the main arena at the Staples Center where they are greeted by animatronic dinosaurs that are life-sized and move in an incredibly realistic way. Ritter was astounded as he knew all about every dinosaur that came his way. More comedic antics took place when the triceratops dinosaur sneezed on Ritter, causing him to run away manically. Ritter thanked DeGeneres for her generosity of giving him the tickets, even though he was sneezed on by a triceratops.

As Ellen DeGeneres continues to start careers for deserving young people like five-year-old Noah Ritter, one can only thank her for displaying such an immense amount of kindness in the world of Hollywood, where kindness can be very much lacking. The full interview of Ritter’s second appearance on The Ellen Show, including his experience at Walking With Dinosaurs, can be seen below.

By Cody Collier

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