The Strain Season Finale (Recap and Review)

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The Strain Season Finale (Recap and Review)

The Strain season one finale has Eph still uneasily wearing the label of strigoi hunter with Nora, Setrakian, Velders and Fet. At the start of the episode Palmer pays a visit, along with his head of security Fitzwilliam, to Abraham’s shop to collect the old man’s weapons. While there, Eldritch discovers the heart of Setrakian’s wife. He also finds out that he has not been turned and he is not pleased. He gets angry and Eichorst tells him that he will eventually serve at The Master’s side for eternity eventually but for now the strain of infection will not be passed on and that Palmer should think of it as another test.

Zach dreams of his mother while Eph, Vasiliy and Setrakian talk strategy at their new safe house. Eph gets angry when the professor tells the boy that they are going to kill The Master, seconds after the two men actually agree on something for once. After arguing with Setrakian, Eph and Vasiliy go to track down Bolivar and find that The Master has set up his lair in the former rock star’s home.

Gus has a conversation with the vampire who saved and kidnapped him at the docks. The strigoi sets him free and when Gus tries to escape the creature knocks him down saying that his attempt was a bad idea. It then tells Gus to follow him. Palmer puts the vampire heart on display with all his old organs and asks Fitzwilliam why he was not told of Eph’s broadcast the night before. The leader of Lionheart tells his head of security to take him to see the Secretary of Health to stop her from containing the strain of infection and the man refuses.

Fitzwilliam tells Palmer that part of him wants to kill him but will not because of what Eldritch did for him. Fet’s knowledge of the city enables him to find a way into Bolivar’s building and once they sort out the way, he leaves a manhole open to keep other strigoi from joining the vampire leader.

Velders learns that her broadcast over the emergency channel caused the enemy to shut down transmissions of all television channels. Nora tells Eph that he no longer has a choice and has to have Zach at his side when he kills The Master. Palmer and Eichorst go to visit the head of the CDC and the Secretary of Health. Taking her outside of the office he throws the woman off the building, killing the secretary. When Eldritch comes back in, Dr. Barnes agrees that the CDC will do whatever Palmer wants.

Halfway through the season finale of The Strain, Dr. Goodweather and Abraham give Zach a silver sword and explain to the boy how to use it. Eph tells his son that he must show the weapon to the creatures first because they fear the metal. He also shows Zach where to strike with the sword.

After a short pep talk from Setrakian, the group head out to kill The Master. They pass by the open manhole and the professor tells them that the light will not keep the strigoi gathered on the other side away, that they will strain to get through until enough are sacrificed that they can attack. Vasiliy throws a few sticks of dynamite at the creatures making the hole bigger, letting in more light and blocking the tunnel.

The strigoi hunters confront The Master’s surrounding “bodyguards” and they split up; with the professor, Eph and Zach going after the lead vampire. They trap him in the loft of the building, breaking windows during their fight while the powerful creature strains to get to the professor through the “deadly” light. When Setrakian loses his sword, Goodweather goes to strike the monster and it leaps through a window and, although it is burnt by the sun, escapes.

While the three are fighting The Master in the upper floor, Vasiliy, Nora and Velders fight Bolivar and Eichorst and other strigoi. The two actually hurt both of the creatures badly. Once their leader lands on the ground outside they begin to move backwards, away from the three fighters. The entire group are stunned to learn that direct sunlight did not, and could not, kill The Master. Eph asks Setrakian what will kill the creature and the professor says, “We’re lost.”

Gus learns what the vampire wants that saved him and Eph finally finds Kelly and has to shoot her in front of Zach. This act proves to be the final straw for the alcoholic and he takes a drink swearing to protect his son. In the final moments of the season finale of The Strain, Setrakian goes over the changes that have occurred and what their chances are of survival. This episode easily contained the creepiest scenes in the entire season. The vampires first freezing and then moving backward in slow motion was a goosebump inducing sight. It seems the show wanted to end on a “high note.” The Strain returns to FX in 2015.

By Michael Smith



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