Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Involved in Parking Spot Beef With Cancer Victim

Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham got involved in an all-out parking battle with a woman who claims she is battling breast cancer, although her story is not quite as upsetting as it originally seems. The incident occurred in Beverly Hills on the morning of October 22, 2014.

Durham was accused by the woman of swooping in and stealing a parking spot that the woman herself was attempting to back into at the time, all because Wahlberg’s wife managed to be quicker. A TMZ photographer managed to capture the whole thing on camera, and shot a few minutes of conversation with Durham as she made her way into her morning appointment. She asked the cameraman in question to keep an eye on what the woman was doing while she ran her errand, as the individual appeared to be doing something with Durham’s tires while also taking photographs of how close the two cars were to each other.

The photographer then crossed the street and struck up a conversation with the irritated car driver, asking her to explain her side of the parking spot blowout. She detailed her anger at how Durham had allegedly stolen the spot, saying that she was in the middle of backing into it when Wahlberg’s wife stole it right from under her. She went on to say that Durham obviously felt she was some kind of celebrity princess and more important than everyone else, at which point the cameraman explained what Durham’s claim to fame was, being that she was the wife of A-list actor Mark Wahlberg. The woman did not entirely appear to understand this connection, as she proceeded to say the actor’s name wrong several times throughout their following conversation.

The woman detailed how bad of a day she was currently having, telling the photographer that she was suffering from breast cancer and was currently on her way to chemotherapy when the parking spot incident occurred. She added that she was a single mother, and that her life was not exactly in the best state at the current time. It was at this point, however, that photographer became aware that the woman was driving an Uber, a vehicle designed for easier commute of paying passengers ( like a taxi, but a more modern type of ride sharing service run through smartphones.) Shortly after it became clear that the woman was not planning on going to a chemotherapy appointment just yet anyway, but rather was waiting for her current customer, the customer in question made her way onto the scene in order to get into the car. The woman became slightly flustered at this point, informing her customer of the disagreement with Wahlberg’s wife and then quickly changing the conversation into where the customer would like to go for her commute. The photographer suggested that they all wait for Durham to return to her vehicle, something the woman and customer did not have any interest in and subsequently went on their way.

Durham has been popping up in the headlines throughout the past few months. In the beginning of September, her husband’s brother Donnie Wahlberg (who gained notoriety throughout his role in the popular 80’s boy band New Kids On The Block) married television personality and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy, a star-studded event of which Durham and her husband chose not to attend. Although Wahlberg himself had his publicists spread the word that he was simply busy with his daughter’s birthday celebrations at the time of the nuptials, word began to spread quickly around the internet that he and his wife were in fact not fans of the bride. Durham herself reportedly had something of a beef with the woman, with multiple media outlets claiming that she did not approve of how McCarthy desperately tried to convince the world that she and Mark were extremely close. It was reported that she and her husband had kept their distance from Donnie since he had become involved with McCarthy, something that McCarthy herself has done her best to tell the public is sheer gossip and extremely far from the truth.

It is not yet known how Mark Wahlberg’s wife feels regarding the personal story of the disgruntled woman she was involved in a parking spot dispute with earlier today. The 36-year-old has yet to give any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Boston Globe
Hollywood Life
Photo by WEBN-TV – Flickr License

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