Mental Health Leans on Awareness

Mental Health

Mental health is an issue in this country that leans on awareness to get the ball rolling on progression. Mental health is a psychological sense of well-being, or an absence of mental illness. America is a country deeply struggling with mental illness. Disorders are being diagnosed every day on thousands of children. Disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder and PTSD are extremely common in the population. One in five people in the United States is living with some sort of mental illness. The vision of solving these illnesses relies on our awareness of illness and the idea of finding help when needed.

The new DSM-V was released earlier this year. The DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and Mental Disorders; this book lists the new criteria for diagnosing patients or clients with mental disorders. The new criterion has shown that mental illness is still very common in the youth and more commonly in 18-25 year olds. Colleges have been growing their advertising of finding mental health for students. At this point in time in their lives, stress levels and anxiety are at their highest levels; with homework to do and a life to discover.

The important thing is that the country is aware of the need to lean on and find help for people suffering with mental health and wellness. Parents are advised to monitor their children’s behaviors. Classes are being given to help people become aware of the signs and symptoms to see in a person’s behaviors. There are charities beginning to form around the country promoting mental wellness and mental illness awareness. As October is mental health awareness months, cities are forming events and walks to help promote the awareness, not only for finding information, but the steps needed to help solve this crisis in the country.

Some disorders affect a person’s ability to manage a social life, or work a job. It is important for individuals to find the right form of help. There is a stigma surrounding people that many do not understand. Children are born with brain imparities and neurotransmitter level- abnormalities, which is not something that is chosen for anyone, but it is something that happens. Along with family genetic predispositions, people are at risk to possibly hurt them or even commit suicide. People feel alone and that is attributed to not having the support around them. Support is extremely important when dealing with someone struggling with a disorder or some form of illness. Without support individuals are left alone in a place where being alone leaves negative thoughts.

Awareness is one of the most important thing to lean towards when to helping mental health. Another important concept is education. Education is needed in our schools and homes to learn more than just what is shown in a person’s appearance. Awareness is understanding that there is a problem present, but education can helping in learning how and why illnesses occur and what steps should be taken to making progress in someone’s conditions. As science and technology advance, we get closer to solving cancer, but in the ways of studying parts of the brain undiscovered, we make progress from verbal communication and physical observation. With more observation and communication, we can make more strides in learning more and understanding more about how to help people suffering from mental health disorders.

By Evan Linneman


St George News

The National


Photo by Phelyan Sanjoin – Flickr License

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