Netflix Will Thrive Even After HBO Launches Streaming


Netflix has completely changed the way that people watch their favorite television programs, and sheer novelty will be one reason that the company continues to thrive even after HBO launches HBOGO streaming. Many people have been by Netflix’s side ever since the days of mailing CD’s, whatever those are, back and forth to the video gods. This company has been a major player in the game of taking viewers away from cable, and putting more eyeballs on media content coming straight from the web into living rooms everywhere.

Netflix has become a cultural pillar in this generation. The company has become so popular that people write jokes about their relationships with the internet streaming service on Twitter and Facebook, and “Netflix” can be heard in use as a verb among the youngest of users. Internet streaming itself is a growing trend as more and more companies strive to give consumers more options and mobility while keeping service costs low. YouTube, Amazon, and RedBox are other key figures involved in the movement to bring media to the fingertips of people looking for content faster and more accessible.

Netflix as a company is in the middle of a storm that may be viewed by some as the most resistance the company has seen in its time. HBO has just announced that it will provide its own standalone streaming service, causing major sales of Netflix stock and driving their trade cost down. Sales have been down as well, as projections and company growth goals have fallen short of fruition. According to CEO Reed Hastings, one of the chief reasons that memberships have fallen is because of the slight increase in cost for the service. Average cost has gone up in the past year as a response to the massive amount of data the company has to run through internet providers.

HBO will offer its own shows and will make plenty or “cord cutters” happy by offering a platform that is internet only. HBOGO is rumored to cost around $20 monthly, and will operate much like Netflix does with the movies, shows, and specials it will offer its audience, but to separate itself from all of the cord cutting companies, HBO has announced that they are excited about their opportunities with cable television. HBO has avoided burning the bridge that brought them to notoriety buy keeping and reinforcing its relationship with cable companies and viewers, but at the same time being the next company to escort fans of tailored content into the future.

HBO will win many viewers when it does launch, but Netflix’s Hastings believes that both companies will benefit from the expansion of the internet television industry. HBOGO and Netflix will naturally offer viewers different shows and movies, so if a customer wants to watch what is offered on HBO, they will need to buy HBO, and vice versa.

The only problem with this way of thinking is that surely when more companies see the ability to advance into the world of streaming, each will have their own cost. If a consumer wants to have access to Netflix and HBO’s services, watch NBATV, and have membership with NFL Network, their cost may end up similar to what they paid with cable, with far fewer options than what traditional cable television can usually offer.

Netflix has a plan and will survive the storm as a credit to good thinking about upcoming trends, and will thrive after HBO has launched its streaming service and takes its share in the market. Anticipating the prospect that many viewers may decide to take their pick for ultimate streaming service instead of simply buying both, Netflix has recently made some moves to bring more attention their way. It was recently announced the Adam Sandler has signed a deal to bring four Happy Madison films directly to Netflix viewers, and if that was not enough they will also gain rights to stream every episode known to man of what is possibly the most successful sitcom ever made in Friends. An announcement has also been made that Chelsea Lately’s star host Chelsea Handler will be bringing a nighttime streaming show to the internet network.

Netflix will continue to look for niche content to offer their viewers, which will separate it from HBOGO and any other programs that decide to go web-only. Netflix has decided to look at the expanded list of streaming services as an opportunity to take “television” viewing into the future, understanding that doing so will allow the company to capitalize when people remember the company that made tailored streaming accessible and popular. They are sticking to their roots, and at the same time giving viewers more personalized content that will tug at hearts without tugging very violently at their pocketbooks. Netflix will stand even after HBO and other companies launch their streaming services, and will continue to thrive.

By LaBaron Jackson

Business Insider
Washington Post
The Verge

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