New Study Proves Re-Heated Pasta is Healthier

Re-Heated Pasta

According to a new study, performed by the BBC program, re-heated pasta is actually healthier. A group from BBC performed the study under Dr. Chris Van Tulleken in which nine volunteers ate pasta for three days. Dr. Denise Robertson of the University of Surrey also oversaw the test with research funding from Diabetes UK. Accordingly, the study said that re-heated pasta is not only less fattening but also less of a risk for people with diabetes.

The problem with pasta, says Dr. Van Tullekan, is the fact that it is full of carbohydrates and starch, which in turn, convert to fat and glucose in the body. Carbohydrates, of course make the body gain weight, and glucose makes the body’s blood sugar rise. According to the TV show, Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, where the idea for the study came from, the way that the body breaks down pasta causes is to be absorbed as sugars and makes the glucose level, of the person eating the pasta, soar.

Scientists and Nutritionists have, of course, know this for many years, though on Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, they showed that cold pasta actually becomes resistant after being cooked and cooled, meaning that it causes less of a spike in blood sugar. Because of this, pasta that has been cooked and cooled is also less fattening, as it can be broken down much easier in the body.

These inferences were found on the show but BBC wanted to take it even farther than that. Upon learning the results the response from many was that they did not like eating cold pasta. So BBC decided to see what happened if they tried re-heated pasta.

During the tests ran, during the study, the volunteers ate pasta in different states, from cooked to cold to re-heated, and were required to give their blood samples every 15 minutes for two hours, as they gave the pasta time to digest. The results that they found were that, even though cold pasta reduced blood sugar spikes by a large percentage, re-heated pasta actually reduced blood sugar spikes even more, as it reduced the amount by 50 percent, making re-heated pasta healthier.

Perhaps this is why dieticians, over the years, have encouraged reducing carbohydrates, though with many foods containing them, it is hard to cut them out of the diet. Things like rice, potatoes, pastas, and even breads contain a lot of carbohydrates. One doctor who always fought for people to eat a high protein diet in order to lose weight and stay healthy, doctor Gary Taubes, started tackling the issues of people eating too many grams of sugar. Many nutritionists believe that grams of sugar and carbohydrates are far worse than calorie intake, as calories are easily burned but the latter is not.

In fact, the nutritionist for the show The Biggest Loser, told one reporter that the first thing she recommends people cut from their diets are things with high carbohydrates like “white things.” She stated white rice, white bread, flour, sugar, and pasta should be removed from people’s diets when they are trying to lose weight and be healthy.

But with the recent study there may be better ways to deal with foods like that. Obviously nuking things with high grams of sugar, like brownies or cookies, won’t make them any less fattening. However, popping things with high carbohydrates in the microwave after they have been cooked, cooled, then been re-heated, may help them to be healthier and less fattening. Though critics are stating that people taking to this method should be extra cautious about the way they cool, store and re-heat their foods in order to avoid food poisoning and other dangerous bacteria.

Pasta is the only thing that has currently been tested but the study does show that re-heated pasta is actually healthier after being re-heated than when it’s cooked or cold.

By Crystal Boulware


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  1. jose giles   October 19, 2014 at 1:25 am

    Gary Taubes isn´t a doctor. He isn´t a nutritionist either. He has a Master´s Degree in journalism. And even though this article treats him really well, I guess he will just ignore its content.


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