War Machine Allegedly Attempts Suicide in Prison Cell

war machine
Ex-MMA fighter War Machine, who was imprisoned last month after a brutal attack he unleashed on his former girlfriend and another individual, allegedly attempted to take his own life while in his cell on Tuesday night. The move was thwarted by a prison official, who took note of the man’s behavior and got him help before it was too late.

Law enforcement officers gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ, in which they gave details surrounding how the event occurred. They say that a prison official was making the rounds on Tuesday night when he walked past War Machine’s cell and noticed him sitting on the ground with his feet located on the cell’s bunk bed. Upon calling out the man’s name and receiving no response, the officer entered the cell in order to check up on him. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the 32-year-old had orchestrated an apparatus of which to hang himself by, and immediately came to the California native’s rescue. After disassembling the device, the officer says War Machine began to become more responsive and attempted to begin speaking. He was subsequently transferred to a medical cell, where is currently being held in isolation and on suicide watch. Further officials allege that they discovered a note inside the cell, detailing his plans to no longer carry on in the world.

War Machine is awaiting trial concerning the aforementioned beating of Christy Mack, for which he is facing up to 32 separate charges, including two counts of attempted murder and kidnapping. Mack told authorities that the incident took place upon her ex’s unexpected arrival at her house, at which time he found her in the company of her friend Corey Thomas. He is then said to have flown into an uncontrollable rage, first attacking Thomas before setting his sights on Mack. She was left with multiple broken bones in her body and face, as well as a collapsed lung from the ferocity of the violence. Her friend suffered similar injuries, and they were both required to spend several days in the hospital before beginning their recovery; indeed, Mack needed facial reconstructive surgery to fix the damage inflicted upon her by her ex-boyfriend. As for why War Machine became so enraged to find his supposedly ex-girlfriend in the company of another man, the stories vary between the two sides regarding whether or not the two were actually broken up at the time of the attack. Those on War Machine’s side say that he was under the impression the two were merely taking a break, and had gone over to her house to present her with flowers and see if they could work things out. Mack’s friends state that the two were officially over, and that she had made it clear to the ex-fighter that she no longer wanted any further relationship with him.

War Machine caused something of a public outrage a few weeks ago, when a letter he had penned to a friend while in prison made its way onto the internet, and in it detailed his belief that his ex-girlfriend and her friend got off easy for what they did. He claimed that he could have shot both of them had the incident occurred in Texas, and gotten away with it based on the premise of a crime of passion. He also alleged that Thomas had ambushed him first, and that he was merely defending himself by fighting back. He finished the letter by reiterating his opinion that the two had gotten exactly what they deserved after what they had done. Those close to the man say he believes Mack was engaging in physical intimacy with the other individual while the two were, in his mind, still together. Based on this fact, he said he did not believe he should be charged with even one of the crimes authorities are attempting to try him for.

It remains to be seen whether War Machine will make a full recovery following the incident that occurred in his prison cell on Tuesday night. More information surrounding the matter has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

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