Nicki Minaj Officially Calls It Quits With Boyfriend of 14 Years

Nicki Minaj has officially called it quits with her boyfriend of 14 years, Safaree. The rapper reportedly broke things off after the man became uncontrollably jealous of her success, something that they were supposed to have come to an agreement on when they first began dating. Sources that claim to be close to the former couple recently gave an exclusive statement to TMZ in which they gave details surrounding the split.

The source says that the two were in agreement in regards to Minaj being the money earner in the relationship, while Safaree stayed in the background as her hype man (a sort of personal assistant that helps the crowd get riled up for a show or performance), but the man reportedly began to become sick of this arrangement near the end of their relationship. He allegedly became increasingly jealous of how famous she was and how much attention she got from the media and rest of the world, all while the public continued to not really know who he was. Being seen as just Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend and P.A. reportedly became more than he could handle, and thus he chose not to appear at one of his now ex-girlfriend’s recent shows. Upon finding herself without a hype man, Minaj reportedly went into a panic and was sent scrambling to find a replacement. Following the show she brought up the issue with Safaree, who flew into a rage and let her know exactly how he felt. It was at this point that the 31-year-old severed all ties with the man, making the decision that she did not want to carry on a relationship if Safaree was going to continue being so hateful towards the name she had made for herself, something he knew from the start was her mission and that he had originally agreed to be okay with.

Rumors surrounding a breakup between the two began to circulate earlier this week, when Safaree was seen roaming a beach without a shirt on, revealing that he had gotten ink work done to cover up two of his three Minaj related tattoos. The tattoos in question were of his ex’s face and name, which were inked onto both sides of his upper torso. Safaree had a new piece done in order for the work to no longer be viewable as what it used to be, by getting new designs on top of both the old ones and having them seemingly join together in the middle. Although the one on the right hand side of his body is still unclear as to what he chose for a new design, the one on his left seems to be some sort of rose and heart-shaped padlock combination. The new tattoo work came six months after the first hint of their coming split, when Minaj took to Twitter to announce that she was now single and prepared to meet new people. A short while later, however, she claimed that the post was merely the result of an argument between the two that had since been settled.

It remains to be seen whether Nicki Minaj and ex-boyfriend Safaree will remain split up or once again find a way to mend their relationship. For the time being, however, sources say that the Super Bass singer is set on her decision to remain apart from her partner of 14 years.

By Rebecca Grace

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