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Messages posted at #EMABiggestFans1D and #StealMyGirlVideo24Oct have much to say via Twitter about images released from One Direction’s (1D) latest video, Steal My Girl. Some fans find themselves fascinated by moments captured during an exciting music video production while others are left confused but nonetheless loyal.

Photos from the video due out October 24 reveal an eclectic desert scene completed with Sumo Wrestlers, a marching band, gigantic symbols, and, of course, One Direction. The maturing bandmates look scruffy and rockerish –which one fan attributes to puberty – as they appear to enjoy every minute of their workday in the desert sun.

Zayn Malik, of 1D, summated the experience tweeting, “Good day today, with some sumos.” The British boy band – comprised of members, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Malik – appears to go all out in the video for the girl whom “every guy is trying to steal.”

The lyrics of Steal My Girl depict an assumedly good girl born of loving parents who regards her boyfriend as “love” and “son.” The girl shares the same interests – perhaps in sumo wrestling – as her boyfriend. They, too, share the same dreams. Maybe that is where the marching band comes in.

One fan claims that the video, due out October 24th, has nothing to do with the song. She adds that she is not surprised by its irrelevance. Like that of others, her assumptions derive from still images and the band’s video history.

Many fans, however, express how they cannot wait for the video’s premiere. Fan, @ElenaUgalde00, attaches images of actors and media personalities making horrific reactional facial expressions to her tweet, “My [face] when I wake up and think that the vid is out [and] when I see that is not out…”

One Direction Daily responds by reminding devoted fans how to vote for the band for the European Music Awards (EMA). Competition for EMA’s Biggest Fans is close as the band combats Justin Bieber for the number one spot. Their 20,053,942 votes were recently topped by Bieber’s 20,054,226 prompting the tweet, “WE’VE LOST THE LEAD OMG. Don’t add a space after the hashtag!!”

The band has previous EMA wins. Since their induction into the music industry, they have won Best UK & Ireland, Biggest Fans, and Best New Act in 2012; and Biggest Fans and Best Pop in 2013. This year, they are up for Best UK Ireland Act, Best Pop, Best Live, and Biggest Fans.

The band assembled while competing on X-Factor in 2010. In 2011, One Direction debuted their first single Up All Night but found a hit in follow-up single, What Makes You Beautiful. The sextet boy band instantly accumulated fans with their pubescent charm. They are Guinness World Record holders as the first U.K. band to have a debut album enter the U.S. chart at #1.

The latest video production promotes the new lead single from 1D’s fourth studio album. And Danny Devito’s role in the Steal My Girl video is guaranteed to incite more reactions from #EMABiggestFans1D and other One Direction’s fans conversing via Twitter. The comedic actor has a fan base which stretches across generations with such cult classics as Matilda, Batman Returns and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The films and television show are likely to be favorites among 1D devotees fan.

Despite the reactions the Steal My Girl video evokes, Twitter will blow up from any move One Direction makes as evidenced by 20,053,942 #EMABiggestFans1D votes. There is still time to vote. Meanwhile, their fourth studio album, Four, is due out November 17th.

By Charice Long


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