Taylor Swift Wins Billboard Woman of the Year for Second Time

Country-pop crossover star Taylor Swift has won the highly coveted Billboard Woman of the Year award for a second time, this time taking home the 2014 title. The first time she was awarded this honor was back in 2011.

Swift is to receive the award in New York on December 12, at an A-list event filled with many other high-profile celebrities. The 24-year-old was awarded the title for her role in inspiring and shaping the music industry throughout the past few years in which she has been present in it. The Pennsylvania native has reportedly earned an astounding total of 60 entries in the list of Billboard Top 100 since her musical debut in the year 2006. She has subsequently set yet another record by earning the 2014 WOTY award, in that she is the only artist to ever be crowned the title twice. She recently gave an interview in which she gushed about how content she was in life, stating that she felt she had her whole life ahead of her and was overjoyed with the many blessings she had already been awarded at her young age.

It is somewhat of an undeniable fact that Swift’s popularity and success has known very little bounds in the past few years. Her debut album sent her rocketing into the record books, with her third single making her the youngest individual to ever solely perform and write a number one hit on the Hot Country Songs chart. Her debut album is what really established her as a ground-breaking artist in her own right, becoming the best-selling record of 2009 in the United States. Fearless was also awarded four Grammy awards that year, making Swift the youngest artist to have ever won the Album of the Year award. Her next album, entitled Speak Now, was no less successful in that it sold more than a million copies in its first week of release in the US. The album’s hit track Mean took home an impressive two Grammy awards in 2012. The singer set an astounding recording with her fourth studio album entitled Red, which also sold over one million copies in its first week, making Swift the first female artist in history to have two consecutive albums that earned over one million dollars.

Swift has earned a reputation for wearing her heart on her sleeve and expressing her feelings regarding past lovers and relationships through songs, especially high-profile celebrity former flames. These men include such A-list names as One Direction’s Harry Styles (of which her hit track I Knew You Were Trouble is reportedly based on), folk singer John Mayer (whom she openly expressed her heartbreak over in the title track Dear John), and Twilight star Taylor Lautner (whom the song Back to December is said to have been recorded about.) She has faced immense public scrutiny regarding her open-book songwriting style regarding said relationships, scrutiny she has blatantly disregarded and stated does not bother in the slightest. The singer has stated that she would much rather be a real artist who writes and sings about real experiences regardless of public opinion, rather than an artist who pens lyrics that have no relation to first-hand emotions or the like.

Taylor Swift is set to receive the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year Award in December. The venue for said reception is yet to be announced.

By Rebecca Grace

International Business Times
USA Today

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