PlayStation 4 Software Update Brings New Goodies

PlayStation 4

While the announcement of the PlayStation 4 software update happened early last week, on Thursday the PlayStation blog outlined the expansiveness of the 2.0 update and all of the new goodies it brings. The game console has been on sale for nearly a year and the new update is designed to overload players with more elaborate options and customization features. The new announcement extends to USB music capability among other nifty abilities.

It was previously announced that the PlayStation 4 update will contain Share Play, a new feature that will increase cooperative abilities on the system by acting as a virtual living room, letting users play with friends without them both having to own the game. In addition to Share Play, gamers will receive expansive YouTube support through a dedicated application that allows them to upload gameplay, surf YouTube in a much higher quality format, and find out what their friends are doing instantly. On Thursday, the second PlayStation 4 blog announcement explained further features that will be available as well.

For starters, the Playstation 4 software update will bring new goodies such as music capability through USB. Users simply input their USB and then they can list to their own music while playing the console. It was also previously announced that users would obtain the ability to utilize themes. That is still the case, and users can now also choose the backdrop color of their dashboard. Some of these features will also be extended in the same update to the PlayStation Vita and smartphone app, especially in regard to customization. In fact, the smartphone app is receiving a redesign of its home screen.

The PlayStation 4 software update will also attempt to streamline and enhance many of the features available on the system. It is implementing new features that allow gamers to connect with potential friends easier, organize their content and game libraries, and orchestrate live broadcasts in an easier, enhanced fashion. The PlayStation 4 is also taking a tip from the Xbox One book by allowing furthered voice commands that can be initiated by simply saying, “Playstation.” This is a feature that the Xbox One championed on consoles in an effort to make the interaction with the system feel more personal and futuristic.

The PlayStation 4 software update has been received by the gaming community in a very excited explosion of speculation as fans of the system debate whether or not the new goodies it is bringing to the table will be worthwhile. The release date of the content is hazy, with Sony not giving a direct release date. The company has only stated that the update will be released at some point later in the fall. They have also mentioned that more updates are to come, eluding that the bounty of features already announced will be added to before the official release. Sony is keeping their fans on their toes by slowly releasing information via the official PlayStation 4 blog. For those wishing to keep tabs on the project, Sony has given it a project title as well: Masamune.

By Brett Stewart

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3 Responses to "PlayStation 4 Software Update Brings New Goodies"

  1. Ben J. Davidson   October 21, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    I want DLNA too but i do have a plethora of boxes that can do that. The share play feature could be really sweat if its implemented with the players in mind and not gimped as hell.

  2. Larry   October 19, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I really want DLNA compatibly like the PS3

    • admin   October 20, 2014 at 7:40 am

      That’s all I want from my PS4 as well! Everything else takes a back seat to DLNA.

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