Police Accused of Planting Evidence and Falsifying Reports


In explosive new findings, it has been revealed that a surprising number of police officers and higher ups have engaged in dishonest policing and questionable law enforcement. There has been mounting evidence against several precincts around the world, showing rampant corruption and tampering with evidence in efforts to deflect blame for their crimes against society. With more and more police being accused of planting evidence and falsifying police reports, it has made it all the more difficult to trust law enforcement agencies. The current climate is one of distrust and fear which is very unhealthy for citizens and police officers alike.

Here in the states, tensions have been steadily mounting between civilians and police as events of just the last few years show. It has sadly become almost commonplace to hear of yet another case of gross police misconduct and outright murder by the hands of those charged with protecting the very ones they are killing and mistreating. Cases range from basic aggressive speech to the planting of false evidence and in increasing cases, blatant assault and unjustified murder. These officers have a direct responsibility to report the truth in any and all incidents, yet in all honesty it is not only widely known, but proven that this responsibility is often shirked and completely disregarded by a great majority of of law enforcement personnel.

One can literally sit for hours upon hours on the internet reading and viewing videos of mass police violence and outrageous behavior. Not every cop is bad of course, but more of the “good” ones are needed to make a united stand against this ugly trend. There are far more who get clean away with these actions, as there are those who are brought to justice. In one recent case in Murray County GA., a former judge was arrested and released this past May to await trial for having drugs planted on a woman who spurned his advances. He faces up to 20 years if convicted for the crime, but it should be noted that he is also suspected of a myriad of other misdeeds. The two former sheriff officers involved were given under two years for carrying out his “orders.” As the police face increased accusations of their having planted false evidence or falsified reports, the public is becoming ever more angry and fed up with what is happening all over the globe.

Officers have even been found to shut off victims recording equipment in order to execute their shady doings. In a Los Angeles CA. case, two deputies are on trial for doing just that. They were found to have cut off the power in a South L.A medical dispensary and then proceeded to plant several guns in the shop. Luckily for the two men arrested, the tape was retrieved and depicted a vastly different story than what the officers reported had happened. The corruption stretches across the Nation in the United States, some areas being particularly notorious for bad policing. On the opposite coast in Palm Beach County FL., a sheriff’s deputy turned himself in after being accused of falsifying a police report. Astoundingly, this deputy has been in law enforcement for over 19 years, so imagine the amount of treachery he would have been capable of in all that time. And that’s just one person. It is a sobering realization that the majority of society has no idea the extent to which these crimes go. However, what is certain, is that this behavior has been going on for years virtually unchecked.

What is known publicly about police brutality and corruption barely scratches the surface of the actual reality. By all appearances it is horrifyingly massive, uglier and much more deeply rooted than ever imagined. Civilians for the most part are not as privy to the rapid decay of police forces all around the world, only those involved in it know the scary extents to which it goes. The real question is do they care to do anything about it? Not the wrong and obvious things that are always done, but the right things, like wearing body cams, respecting citizen rights and acting in accordance with their humanity.

These officers have families and face some of the same issues as regular citizens. They should respect that truth and stop making this a “Them against Us” thing, because it is ripping societies apart. The world has much bigger problems to deal with that concern the very survival of the species. It is a shame that officers are seemingly paid to create problems no one has time for and nobody needs, including them. In contrast, there have been some officers who have gone on record to say that it is common practice for officers to carry small amounts of drugs and or a throw away weapon to make a shooting look justified. Allegedly, a 9mm Ruger is the weapon of choice for many cops, much like the weapon that was supposedly found at the scene of the murder of Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18, who was shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer on this past Wednesday. The officer is said to have fired off at least 17 shots. This on the heels of the recent murder of teenager Mike Brown by Ferguson MO officer Darren Wilson who has yet to be arrested or charged his murder.

There is one officer that has stood out from the rest by bravely denouncing the tyranny of police agencies and fully admitting to the police framing innocents, planting evidence and boldly falsifying reports to meet quotas. There has long been a suspicion of “quotas” being behind many of these cases. This heroic officer pointed out how the failed drug war leads to crooked and deceptive policing, making quotas an incentive, turning good cops into bad guys. Officer Stephen Anderson is not alone in trying to make a stand. Many honest officers want to stand up but are afraid of the backlash from inside their various departments.The rabbit hole is very deep indeed and officers may be afraid of becoming lost in it as a result of going against the grain. Many may feel that they stand to lose too much, but what they may not realize is that they are setting everyone up for failure and with their silence, everyone loses. This reign of terror has to stop but the ones who control the law have no business policing themselves, so a joint effort by both law enforcement and civilians is paramount to change. The police know the laws, they know the rules of evidence submitting and reporting, so they therefore know how to break the laws and subsequently get away with it. The culture of brutality must be halted, sooner as opposed to later.

Opinion By: Mai Nowlin


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  1. Robert V McGarity   September 29, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    I am totally against police brutality. I got arrested once when I pulled in my friends driveway as they were searching my friends house. I turned around and started to leave and they came running out screaming for me to stop. I stopped, still in the driveway. When I stopped a police car rammed me in the back as I was sitting there in park and my car turned off. They searched my car and found a spoon and arrested me for it claiming I had used it to do drugs. Well, when I got to jail my bond was twenty thousand dollars. I said what, for a spoon? Well i found out why. The police lied on their report and claimed it was a high speed chase and they got me with a pit manuver. I never left my friends yard.

  2. Mai Nowlin   October 13, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Thank you so much Donald S. for taking the time to share all this useful
    information. It is needed and much appreciated and I hope that people will
    use it to inform themselves. Fight on!

  3. Donalds (@CA_target)   October 12, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    All Levels of Law Enforcement Should Make Policy that Polygraphs for New Hires Expire Every 5yrs. (Including hires for higher ranking positions)

    National Institute of Ethics: Police Code of Silence – Facts Revealed ~ http://t.co/WNrpRE5

    The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project ~ http://t.co/ROQqSO0

    DoD: Random Lie -Detector Tests Increase Personnel Security. (8-6-12) ~ http://t.co/Tr7uafTd ( “the polygraph is the most effective tool for finding information people are trying to hide”

    BERNAMA – Polygraph Test Capable Of Addressing Corruption Among Law Enforcers – Crime Analyst http://www.bernama.com.my/bernama/v7/ge/newsgeneral.php?id=1072084 (9-26-14)

    Center for Investigative Reporting ~ “Crossing the line: Corruption at the border” – http://bordercorruption.apps.cironline.org/

    National Journel – How Drug Cartels Try to Corrupt Federal Employees (4-12-11) – http://t.co/fMENr6o

    The good, brave officers with integrity deserve better. And so does the public…………………

    Cameras to help fight Misconduct. Polygraphs to help fight Corruption.

    Break the Code. Break the Culture.

  4. Oral pavlov   October 12, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Who to believe? The accused criminal or the officer sworn to serve and protect? “Divide, American Injustice’ by Matt Taibbi, the current issue of the New Yorker, and the many articles such as this one can help you form an opinion or just ask any citizen of any American central city.


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