Police Apprehend Sex Offender Suspected of Seven Murders


Darren Deon Vann, a sex offender, was apprehended Friday by police after a woman was found murdered at a Motel 6 in northwest Indiana after further investigations he is now suspected of seven murders. Authorities have found six other women deceased at various locations around Gary, IN. Police Chief John Doughty of the Hammond Police Department stated investigators are looking into Vann’s claim he has killed others “going back 20-years in the state of Indiana.” This has yet to be corroborated. Chicago Police are also interested in interviewing Mr. Vann, due to the close proximity of Gary and Hammond to the city of Chicago, according to a law enforcement source.

A lady, self-identified as Mr. Vann’s ex-wife, said she was shocked by the arrest and was never mistreated by the accused. “Oh, I don’t believe it. I am half-way in shock,” she exclaimed. Her son stated he was skeptical of Vann and further said he had strange ways, and talked to himself. “He was strange, he was weird,” the son said. The pair says Vann is an ex-Marine who is originally from Gary, IN. They said he had worked security and maintenance jobs in Indiana and Texas. Mr. Van,a sex offender, was apprehended and is being held and suspected with the seven murders in Northwest Indiana.

Darren Vann was convicted of sexual assault and served five years in prison for the crime, according to Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. Records show Vann was arrested for an attack on a 25-year old female, whom he assaulted, struck numerous times and tried to strangle, according to spokesperson, Jason Clark.
Reginald Beard, Mr. Vann’s brother, apologized to the victims and their families, while standing in his doorway. “To the victims, I’m sorry for their loss,” Beard said. He further stated he is the father of two girls. He and his family are shocked and wish all the best. Mr. Beard expressed he felt a duty to apologize to the victims and their families. He said all the families, including his, are in pain. Mr. Beard said Vann had been flopping between homes and occasionally stayed with him or their sister, since Vann’s return from Texas.

Chief Doughty said he had not determined what Vann’s motives were to commit murder. Detectives captured Darren Vann on Friday. Officer following a lead in the case, lead to the police obtaining a search warrant for a home in Gary, according to Hoyda. “There a man was taken into custody”, Hoyda added. During an interrogation the man confessed and led detectives to locations in Gary where three other women were found, Hoyda stated. Afrika Hardy, 19, was the young lady found murdered in the Motel 6 that led to the sex-offenders’ grisly admissions.

So, far seven women have been found murdered all may be victims of suspected detainee Darren Vann, a convicted sex offender. Indiana authorities said some of the women found had been strangled. The first person was found in Hammond on Friday at the Motel 6. She had been found unresponsive and police were called. Three more women’s bodies were discovered in Gary between Saturday and Sunday afternoon. On Sunday night three additional women were found murdered also in Gary, IN. It is not clear yet whether Vann is suspected by police in all seven murders, since the investigation continues.

By Oliver L. Malcom, Jr.

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