Pope Francis Believes in Angels?

Pope Francis
Pope Francis believes in angels and has proclaimed that everyone should listen to them. The pontiff told followers at the Vatican that everybody has a guardian angel helping them to get through life. He went on to refer to them as “traveling companions.” Moreover, His Excellency said angels were not imaginary and people should start heeding their warnings.

While the pontiff’s comments were made on Wednesday, they are only now being reported. Moreover, the Catholic News Agency also reported that Pope Francis told Catholics: “No one walks alone and none of us can think that he is alone.” Moreover, Pope Francis said on Thursday that not only do guardian angels exist, but those individuals who listen to their advice are less likely to make the wrong decisions in life.

The pontiff’s remarks were made in connection with the Feast of the Guardian Angels, which is celebrated by Catholics on October 2. According to Church Doctrine, Pope Francis said that the guardian angel was real and every person has one, who protected them and helped to alert them to things. The pontiff also advised that in the Doctrine of Angels, the Holy Father said that it is unwise and unholy for people to rebel against their angels.

Once again, Pope Francis’ inspirational message and belief that humans are helped along in life by guardian angels was contradictory to former Pope Benedict’s proclamation back in 2012 that angels did not sing at the birth of Christ. This news devastated many Catholics and earned him the moniker of “Killjoy Pope.”

Pope Francis went onto say that people should not ignore that voice within all individuals. It is a sign of pride to rebel against that inner voice and it can be dangerous. To turn one’s back on a guardian angel “is dangerous because no man or woman can advise themselves.” In order for the advice to be objective and wise, it is best not to rebel and to follow the advice given by that inner voice.

The pontiff also asked people to reflect on how they interact with their guardian angel. He inquired if people not only listen to their inner voice, but actually acknowledge its presence. Are individuals asking their guardian angels for advice, protection, or communicating with that inner voice on a daily basis?

Pope Francis drove home the point that his belief in angels is not myth or mysticism, but a reality. Guardian angels were provided to all people as travel companions. Stay true and trust in that inner voice, which is meant to take each person to the end of their lives with their advice, and guide each individual on their life’s journey. Pope Francis has expressed his belief in angels and has proclaimed that everyone should listen to them. The pontiff asked followers at the Vatican to trust and abide by their guardian angel, as they are tasked with helping people through life. He went on to contend that these traveling companions are not imaginary and people should start heeding their warnings, as well as their advice.

By Leigh Haugh

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