Revenge: Emily vs. Victoria, Let the Battle Begin

RevengeWith its season three finale, Revenge announced that season four will be a tense journey for the show’s characters. Not only that, with David Clarke’s resurrection from the dead, it became pretty obvious that things will get quite ugly in season four. Well, the battle between Emily and Victoria for David’s attention has begun and Revenge will most certainly escalate the tension between these two until the moment when Amanda and her father will finally be reunited.

After Emily finally got her revenge and she managed to clear her father’s name in season three, she now found out that David Clarke is still very much alive. Even more, her nemesis Victoria Grayson got to him first and Ems had to go through quite a lot of trouble before she managed to pull David from Vicky’s claws.

Victoria ended up being locked in a mental hospital in season three finale, after she discovered that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. Vicky never liked Ems, even more, she hated her. After her fiancée Pascal LeMarchal died, Victoria blamed Emily for his death. And when she killed Emily’s beloved Aiden, Vicky returned the favour – eye for an eye.

So, when the season four premiered, Victoria managed to escape from the mental hospital and she pulled off a surprise visit at Grayson Manor, where Emily as the owner lives now. After this visit, it became pretty obvious that the cat and mouse game just began, since David revealed himself to Vicky that night. Of course, tricky old queen of Hamptons “forgot” to tell him that his daughter Amanda is very much alive and well. Even more, she started accusing Emily for all kinds of things. Well, to be honest, Ems did some pretty awful things, but Vicky’s plan was to give David all the dirt she has on Emily and to make him hate her, so when the time comes for the father-daughter reunion, David will be disappointed with his daughter.

Luckily, Victoria’s plan failed, since Emily now knows that her father is alive and in the previous episode, she even managed to pull out some tricky manoeuvre to give David his beach house back. Yes! Victoria was clearly disappointed when she had to accept the fact that David will no longer live with her in a hotel room. As for Emily, she decided to give her father some time to adjust, since he told Nolan that he is losing his memories of Amanda. Well, now that he is back at the beach house, his memories are slowly coming back. Plus, Emily can now keep an eye on her father, since she has a perfect view on his house from the Grayson Manor.

However, Revenge was always full of surprises, so it will be interesting to see how this battle between Emily and Victoria will continue. The fact is that Victoria also wants her revenge and she is looking for blood, which means that she will not give up so easily. And despite the fact that Emily finally got a step ahead of her, Vicky most definitely has a hidden ace up her sleeve.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik


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