Sarah Hyland Granted Massive Bodyguard Protection From Ex

Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland has been granted protection from her ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop, in form of a massive bodyguard to escort her around. The two were first spotted together in the early afternoon of October 9th, 2014.

The man’s job is to escort Hyland from her trailer to her shooting locations throughout the day, all the while making sure that her ex is not coming anywhere near her. Hiring of the bodyguard came just a few days after Prokop was ordered to stay away from the actress and her dog for three years. The restraining order is extensive; he is not allowed to come within 100 yards of her home and her maltese-poodle Barkley, go anywhere near her workplace,  or own a gun or ammunition of any kind. A temporary restraining order of the same kind was granted to the 23-year-old after she filed documents in which she stated fear for her life.

Hyland’s fear for her safety was the result of a tumultuous breakup between her and Prokop, one that was initiated following an alleged four years of physical and emotional abuse at his hands. In the documents, she claims she knew she was in an abusive relationship after the two got into an altercation over his distaste for her outfit, which she says led to him pinning her against a car by her throat. She said her throat became extremely sore following the incident, and was in terror the entire time at her inability to breathe or speak. Afraid to end things while alone with him, she enlisted help from her Modern Family mother Julie Bowen, along with some unnamed others.

The helpers came to her house in order to provide backup, should the breakup turn ugly. Hyland went on to claim that when Prokop arrived and saw multiple other people standing alongside her, he seemed to know what was coming and subsequently went running into the backyard screaming. She said that he threw a lighter at her and told her she would never see her dog again, then proceeded to threaten to burn one of her houses down. It was at this time that Bowen reportedly told the actress to leave the house and go to safety, as she was extremely concerned at what Prokop might do next.

Hyland herself has reportedly been doing her best to move on and heal after the scare she is said to have suffered, leaning on her Modern Family co-stars in order to better get through it. She took to social media to praise her fellow actors and actresses for what they do, posting several tweets gushing over how much she loves them just like family. She encouraged viewers to tune in to the show’s sixth season, which aired on September 24th, saying that she had never enjoyed six years as much as she was currently doing with the members of the cast.

It remains to be seen how long Sarah Hyland will need protection from her new bodyguard. For the time being, however, her representatives believe it is in her best interest to have him around.

By Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post

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