Sarah Palin Drunken Family Brawl Results in No Charges Filed


A police report has been released today detailing the drunken brawl that occurred at a birthday party last month involving Sarah Palin and her family, showing that no charges will be filed in the incident. The brawl was characterized by drinking, punching, swearing and name-calling. The party occurred Sept. 6 at the home of a Palin family friend, Korey Klingenmeyer. The Palins arrived at the event in a white Hummer limousine, and things immediately went downhill.

The police report describes Sarah and Todd Palin as witnesses, 26-year-old Track as a victim, and 23-year-old Bristol as a suspect. Twenty-year-old Willow was described as a “person interviewed.” The fist fight originated between Track and another party guest who may have dated Willow. Bristol, who one officer said was “heavily intoxicated,” had confronted a woman who supposedly shoved Willow. She was described by witnesses as “out of control,” and was accused of repeatedly punching host Klingenmeyer in the face.

Officer John Daily reported that Track Palin was also heavily intoxicated and had blood on his hands and around his mouth. When police arrived they observed a shirtless Track being led to the family limousine. One officer noted that the young man’s “associates” seemed intent on keeping him away from police. However, although initially belligerent, he agreed to exit the limousine and talk to officers upon his mother’s instructions.

Reports of the drunken brawl are varied and confusing, but all point to the Palins as the center of the melee. Track told officers that “some guys” were talking rudely to his sisters and made them cry. According to Track the family decided to leave the party, but as they were leaving a friend of Track’s was supposedly knocked to the ground by a sucker punch. Track confronted one of them and offered to fight, but Track claimed he was attacked from being by four “skinny white males.” Other reports state that it was Track’s father, Todd, who was jumped from behind and that Track jumped in to assist.

As his son was speking to police, Todd Palin said that when the friend was attacked from behind it was a situation “they couldn’t walk away from.” While police were conducting interviews, Todd confronted host Klingenmeyer and asked him if “he called his daughter a bitch.” Willow then got involved by flipping Klingenmeyer off and getting loud. Bristol claimed that Klingenmeyer had insulted her and shoved her to the ground. After she repeatedly punched the party host in the face she was tackled by a group of wives, according to witness Matthew McKenna.

Willow claimed that people were saying things like “F*** the Palins.” Sarah Palin herself was heard to be yelling “Don’t you know who I am?” although she was not reported to be directly involved in the brawl. All of the Palin children were described as heavily intoxicated.

After Bristol was tackled, McKenna went to her, helped her up, and took her to the street, where he told Todd and Sarah to get their “crew” and leave. Nobody listened and another fight broke out. McKenna finally told one of the officers that the entire thing “was one big misunderstanding among friends due to too much alcohol and people talking trash.”

No arrests were made following the brawl and no charges were filed. Sarah Palin was not interviewed by police. She did, however, mention the incident on Facebook about two weeks later, saying she loved Bristol’s defense of her family, which “makes my heart soar!”

By Beth A. Balen


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