Shia LaBeouf Appears to Be the Newest Hollywood Madman

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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is quickly appearing to be Hollywood’s newest madman. His recent interviews and the wild roles he has taken on in the last two years have contributed to his new role in the media, and his wild antics and uncontrolled beard match the deep, dark tone of his conversations with the public. From his disappearance out of the spotlight of stardom to his recent arrest overseas, LaBeouf is proving to be astonishingly confusing, and the media will continue to eat it up like boys on Megan Fox.

LaBeouf was the newest, hottest star when Transformers came out in 2007. He was already a well-known actor for his role in Even Stevens on the small screen and Holes on the big screen. His voice became well-known as the main voice in the movie, Surf’s Up. After he became a star, he turned in other good roles as an A-lister, such as Disturbia, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Lawless and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. All of these movies were big hits at the box office, and La Beouf starred in each of them.

The roles he played made him a star, but the roles he chose that were a little more behind-the-scenes showed his other side – his real side. He directed a few rap music videos for rappers and did two not-for-children movies in Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. He began to get into trouble. His parts became darker and his antics a complete mystery. The actor has been recorded as saying that method acting has been the reason for his troubles, citing the practice of acting by which actors portray their movie characters in their everyday life in an attempt to really become the characters they want to play.

The story that makes him appear to be the newest Hollywood madman is the newly-released, bizarre story involving Alan Cumming. LaBeouf was in New York City, drinking heavily, when he made his way into a performace of Cabaret featuring Cumming. According to LaBeouf and Cumming, LaBeouf slapped Cumming’s butt during the show and caused a complete disturbance. He was later arrested. What made this story was that later in the night, he got himself into even more trouble for allegedly spitting on the cop.

After this incident, LaBeouf has been seen carrying books and going into buildings known for helping people with an alcohol addiction. He has stated on talk shows that he drinks heavily, which may explain his history of getting into trouble. Earlier this year, there were reports of many bizarre acts attributed to the actor, ranging from urinating on an L.A. restaurant wall to chasing a homeless man to get his McDonald’s. He attended one of his premieres wearing a bag that read “ I am not famous anymore,” and tweeted out that he is retiring from his public life.

LaBeouf’s behavior has made him appear to be a madman, roaming not only Hollywood , but the rest of the U.S. as well. He is a man with an unreadable psyche – he may be mad or he may be a genius. Fame has brought different changes to different celebrities. There have always been angels, girls next door, philanthropists, rebels and badboys, and LaBeouf is showing into which category he falls.

Opinion by Evan Linneman

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