Shia LaBeouf Staged Abuse Session With Strangers

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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he told the sparkly eyed host that he’d felt so low at one point, that he set up a performance piece where perfect strangers could come and abuse him. The actor claims that he became despondent from all of the hateful and mean tweets and social media postings about him. He decided that since the world seemed to hate him, he would allow the world in to take out their anger on him. He had a table set up with torture instruments such as pliers and whips, as well as a bowl of scathing tweets that participants could come in and read to him if they wanted to. Shia Labeouf is a great actor, but this incident was not acting, but more so an act of remorseful contrition.

Although the actor never said whether or not anyone used the implements on him, he did say that the event turned out to be quite therapeutic over all. Labeouf claimed that people were actually quite loving and forgiving towards him as he sat behind the table feeling genuinely contrite and miserable. He has said that the impetus behind his rash of bad behavior was his feelings of abandonment and his fear of rejection. The handsome actor stated that he acted out from a place of wanting to be loved and accepted, reasoning that most people could probably relate to his anguish.

Shia states that his love of acting stemmed from his desire to fill a void within himself that he’d carried for many years. In an almost amusing turn of events, the actor credits a particular stint in jail for curing him of his bad behavior and allowing him to make a complete about-face. The incident in question involved an altercation with the police that led to Labeouf spitting on an officer and subsequently being jailed for it. He apparently continued to act out once arrested, prompting the officers to cover his face with a Hannibal mask and wrap him in a lead jacket. Although not his first experience in jail, Labeouf says it was definitely his worst and startled him into a rude awakening. But it must have been a truly low point for Shia Labeouf if he felt compelled to stage an abuse session with strangers.

Shia Labeouf should certainly be considered as a very lucky and fortunate man. The shark tank that is Hollywood has been known to chew up and spit out actors with a viciousness that goes virtually unmatched in other industries; except for perhaps politics and Wall Street, but that’s another article all together! Shia did however admit that part of his problem was alcohol abuse and he was recently required by the courts to undergo therapy at a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles.

It seemed to be a great relief for him to talk about his experiences with Ellen. He looked refreshed and healthy as he spoke about his upcoming movie Fury. Hopefully things will continue to look up for him and hopefully the engaging Mr. Shia Labeouf will never again feel the need to stage anymore abuse sessions with strangers.

Opinion By Mai Nowlin

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