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SwiftTaylor Swift has once again been named as Billboard’s Woman of the Year. She is the first artist to ever win the honor more than one time. The last time she was honored by Billboard as Woman of the Year was in 2011. Swift will be officially recognized by the publication on December 12 in New York at the ninth annual Women in Music event.

The Billboard honor is given to the female artist who has made an impact on the music industry over the course of the 12 months prior to the announcement. The artist designated Woman of the Year is one that has not only inspired the industry but also one who has shaped it based on her successes, innovations and overall leadership. Some of the past winners of the award include Katy Perry, Pink and Beyoncé.

Swift is considered to be one of the most influential performers of her generation. The musician who started as a country singer is now considered to be a pop singer. She has had considerable success on the Billboard charts and since the start of her career has been on the Billboard top 100 charts with 60 different songs. That number is the most of any other female artist since her debut in 2006.

The Billboard Woman of the Year presentation for Taylor Swift occurs at the same time as the Billboard’s Women in Music Power Players list. This event is a way to recognize the female executives of the music industry for their contributions in leadership based upon their business and artistic visions. Both events which will take place at Cipriana Wall Street are designed to honor the women who have shaped the music industry over the past year.

Swift’s latest chart topper, Shake it Off is also her second song to make to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The single spent two weeks at the top spot in September. Her last song to top the charts was 2012’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Swift is currently considered by the publication to be the best selling digital artist of all time. Her next album 1989 which is a pop music project is scheduled to be released at the end of October.

Not only is Swift a seven time Grammy winner but all of her studio albums have sold over 4 million copies in the United States. Her last four albums have each made it to the top of the US country charts as well as the US album charts. Just in the next week Swift is scheduled to release her latest single Out of the Woods and is due to perform on The X Factor in London. With a number of performances scheduled in the US over the next two months, the singer is continuing to stay busy.

In a recent interview Swift discussed how proud she was of her career and her current endeavors and accomplishments. In the interview she said that she does not have anything to hide but that she knows that her every action and decision will be evaluated by the world. Those accomplishments now include a second Billboard Woman of the Year win for Swift.

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