Snapchat Closer to Taking Over the World

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Snapchat is closer to becoming the world leader in personal communication. What started as a good idea has become something that is used millions of times a day all over the world, and continues to grow into one of the biggest applications which can be downloaded on a smartphone. In a time when smartphones are seemingly possessed by each and every person, it is safe to say that Snapchat is taking over the world on its way to a Facebook-like payday.

The app came out in 2011, and in just three years it now has over 100 million active users. A communication application that allows users to send a three- to ten-second picture to another user, it is most popular in people between the ages of 16-25 (around 71 percent of users). When it first started out, users could only send a ten-second picture; now, users can send captions and Emojis as well as change fonts. The newest thing last year was the insertion of a My Story, which allowed users to tell a continuous story and, instead of sending it to just one person, it was a set of pictures or videos that people could look at themselves and follow one’s life around.

Snapchat seems to have taken over the world, and as of September 2014, around 400 million snaps are sent daily. People are continuously snapping all day – in restaurants where snappers take pictures of their meals to Starbucks, where snappers take pictures of their coffees. People’s lives are being shown daily and others are taking time to view them.

The next step for Snapchat to get closer to world domination is the new “College Life” view which gives users at certain colleges an opportunity to share their story with more than just their friends. Now, they can share their college life with the world! A view that every snapchatter can see, the college life view will be filled with, well, the lives of college students. As college students are predominantly what the demographic is for Snapchat users, this is a perfect fit to make it easier to see what going on at other college campuses.

One thing that Snapchat has not had any of is ads. It is rare to see anything these days without some type of ad on it. Every famous app goes from being successful to putting ads on its service, and now it is Snapchat’s turn. It was announced on Friday that the app will begin carrying ads and users will now have to deal with them. What it means for Snapchat is that the price tag for the company is going to soar up from what it is now (a generous offer from Facebook of three million dollars). The good thing about these ads is that users will not be forced to watch the ad – it will just be another view users will be able to select. Not as bad, but users have not been particularly happy about ads on anything.

Snapchat is now closer to taking over the world in many different departments; the business world, the social world and the technology world. It has even ventured into the sports world and added a college football view on Saturdays. With its continuing growth and success, Snapchat comes closer to showing the world its dominance in a time when he who has the app, has the power.

By Evan Linneman


Photo By Susanne Nilsson – Flickr License