Soldiers Help Fears With Virtual Reality


Soldiers are now getting help to face their fears using virtual reality. Their safety and health before and after traumatizing events have always been a first priority for the government and its officials. Medical facilities are using the virtual reality games to help desensitize the troops from the fears they have before, and the fears that they might have gained from coming back from wars.

Fear is an emotion that causes anxiety and agitation from idea that there is impending danger lying ahead. Fear is what makes soldiers weak. It will cause a lack of action in a life or death situation in the face of danger. Virtual reality doctors are now trying to use these virtual reality games to help these soldiers become used to the warfare they will see overseas.

The idea is that these soldiers will get tested by playing this game, the doctors can find the levels of fear and anxiety that are given off from playing the game. The people being tested can get an idea of what they will see and how scary it will actually be. Soldiers are now more equipped to face reality after they have seen the action already. This game takes away the risk of the people being seriously injured or killed. It gives them a chance to do all the same things, but without fear in order to get their brain synapses correct.

Soldiers are the most important and highest at the priority list to help with lowering fears using virtual reality. This desensitization can be used in many other forms as well. PTSD is a disorder that forms after someone sees or experiences a traumatic event. This disorder can be desensitized by taking baby steps to get back to reality. People with PTSD sometimes have symptoms so difficult that they cannot even survive in the real life world; paranoia and fear of a recurring experience interferes with their daily life. People with fears of flying can take a virtual reality plane ride that could help lower their fears of flying.

There is even a more realistic technique to help with soldiers fears. A technique called “Stress Inoculation Training” or SIT is used on soldiers in combat. The technique is more like a role play technique used with actors and actual people. SIT has been useful in desensitizing troops before going into combat, and has also helped with soldiers coming back from combat that are dealing with PTSD.

Soldiers dealing with their fears and being able to face them with virtual reality techniques like the ones given are beginning to see progress in curing harmful diseases. They and others that are dealing with high-anxiety situations are now being given a chance to grow from their disorders. Mental health is an everyday battle for some people. It is good to see that technology and advancements are being used for the good of humanity. With all of the constant talk of wars going on, along with the news of Syria, North Korea and other countries getting the United States involved, it is important for the US to be prepared, which involves the soldiers being prepared and being mentally stable.

By Evan Linneman



NBC News


Photo By The US Army – Flickr License

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