Sperm Donation Exploiter Free Despite Conviction

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Despite landing a conviction, a sperm donation exploiter who molested at least one of his clients has walked free. Professor Gennadij Raivich, a neuroscientist whom fathered 58 children acting as private sperm donor on the web. Using a false name, Raivich visited homes across the nation pretending to help desperate women start families. He has said that he regards his method of donating sperm as a ‘hobby’ and claims to have gotten satisfaction from helping others.

On September 30th, Raivich, 52, walked free despite being convicted of molesting one of his customers. Apparently, sexual motivation led him to architect a ‘one-stop shop’ on the internet to artificially inseminate women desperate to start families. On September 2012, while pretending to be a medical doctor, Raivich lured his first victim.

Via online sperm donation forums, including tadpoletown.co.uk and gayfamilyoption.com, Raivich–an expert in maternal and foetal medicine–preyed on would-be mothers. He used the pseudonym Frank Qualman to conceal his identity. He asked for physical stimulation from his customers to produce the sperm they would use for artificial insemination.

Blackfriars Crown Court Judge, Deva Pillay, acknowledged that he was an internationally recognized and esteemed scientific researcher when sentencing the professor. However, his actions, devoid of the usual regulations and safeguards, were exploitative. The judge says the procedure was neither medically recognized nor accepted. The judge admonished Raivich for exploiting the complainant’s desperation to conceive and procedural informalities to barter sexual gratification for sperm.

The victim, Claire Long, could not afford private fertility treatment and would not be treated by NHS for her single marital status. She saw Raivich’s proposal for sperm donation as her only option. She traveled to his London home and agreed to perform oral sex to obtain the semen samples.

She told the court she went along with the man’s request for her to perform a sex act on him–on several occasions–because she had been trying to conceive for a year and was desperate for success.

Long preferred to do Raivich’s AI+, or artificial insemination plus, over other proposed options but realized it was more than she bargained for. He began to fondle her and attempted to go beneath her clothing before asking her to remove them. He undressed himself and within 30 seconds of the victim performing oral on him, the donation was produced.

Long says Raivich told her that orgasm on her part during insemination would increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Long did not conceive, however, from her arrangement with the professor. Judge Pillay regarded his proposition as breach of trust.

The sperm donation exploiter was convicted but walked free. Found guilty of two counts of sexually assaulting the victim and cleared of abusing two others, Raivich was sentenced to nine months imprisonment. However, the sentence was suspended for two years. Judge Pillay explained that the loss of reputation and employment were sufficient suffering. The London neuroscientist was also ordered to pay £5,000 in courts costs.

Two other victims, both 26-year-old lesbians, claimed the con man abused them. Raivich denied the allegations and the jury was unable to reach verdicts on the charges.

In addition to the fines, suspended two-year sentence, and legal defamation of character, Raivich must comply with the sexual offences prevention order preventing him from donating sperm, offering to donate sperm, posting on sperm donation websites, or working for them. He is restricted from advising anyone on sperm donation and being in possession of a speculum.

Fifteen women who had children by Raivich defended him. Of these women, one was a police officer, another woman was a math teacher, and a third was a lecturer. Some of the women had two and three of his children via artificial insemination.

Between 1984 and 1985, Raivich qualified as a medical doctor in Germany, where his wife and family are currently based. He never practiced in the United Kingdom, nor is he registered with the General Medical Council. The father of three, plus 58, intended to return to Germany.

Despite a conviction, the sperm donation exploiter is free. This case may badly reflect on the sites Raivich used to commit the fraudulent activity. If nothing else, it many incite want-to-be-moms to seek legitimate means to achieve fertilization.

By Charice Long

Cambridge News
Daily Mail

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  1. Amanda   October 5, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Disgusting man. Should be in jail with other molesters

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