‘Star Wars’ Origins Explained by George Lucas [Video]

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Legendary filmmaker and storyteller George Lucas sat down recently with CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose to reflect on many of the director’s past works including the origins of the global phenomenon Star Wars. Lucas’s insight on the subject matter proved to reveal a new light on the saga that may have been unseen by viewers in the past.

When Rose brought up the subject of Star Wars Lucas began to explain how he came about creating it. The filmmaker stated that the whole concept started as simply an idea and an infatuation with psychological motifs that were derived from ancient mythology. Lucas’s pitch on the project was considered a test to see if these aforementioned motifs were still accurate and applicable to the modern society.

Lucas expressed his interest in mythology by stating that the subject was known solely as an oral medium – stories being told throughout the land and passed down from generation to generation. This was the way it had been up until society learned the craft of writing and documenting these stories. A correlation that stayed true to these tales through the years was that of societal rules such as religion, behavior and similar communal happenings. The growth from family to tribe to city to country is another aspect that was displayed throughout these motifs and this scenario is what helped Lucas craft the world of Star Wars.

After laying out the inspiration for beginning the fictional world, Rose questioned Lucas on the more immediate subject matter by asking about the inclusion of the recurring theme of good versus evil and heroes and villains. The filmmaker replied by stating that those are very prominent inclusions, but on a deeper level, the films help audiences to discover what makes a hero, what friendship is and the idea of sacrificing one’s self for something larger. Lucas stated that these seem like rather basic themes, but they are not as evident to the common public as one would think and they are not always adopted by society either.

Lucas continues to state that by using the outline of something so simple to create Star Wars, he was able to create a worldwide success that was very easy for everyone to accept. Lucas’s act in doing this reveals that the story was not placed in a contemporary mode where everyone would argue about the subject matter, all due to a vast majority of the world relating to the simple themes that are in the world of Star Wars.

The director furthered his explanation on the saga’s success by stating that most people in the world, whether they know it or not, believe in exactly the same thing. Due to Star Wars being so basic in its set up and only basing if off of answering questions such as, “Why do we think what we think?”, “Why do we do what we do?” and “Why do we form our society the way we form our society?” Lucas’s final product has the utmost potential to strike a chord in every human being that has ever asked themselves the same questions.

After George Lucas has explained the origins of Star Wars and what the saga truly stands for, one must no longer mistake these films for just another sci-fi flick. Global and historical phenomenons are not something that happen by chance, they are thought-out very intricately so they shall touch the lives of as many people as possible. Creations such as this are why the world of entertainment is one of utmost importance and must never be taken for granted, as it has the immense power to change the world as it is known. Lucas’s interview with Charlie Rose can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

CBS News

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