Starbucks Employees Receive New Benefits

On Friday, it was announced that Starbucks will be adding to their pool of employee benefits as workers receive a number of additional perks. The coffee giant informed the public that they will be loosening the dress code, giving employees free food, and bumping their pay. This is in addition to the variety of benefits Starbucks employees also receive, such as the ability to get an online college education and health coverage availability after working 20 hours or more a week.

In regard to the aforementioned pay raises, Starbucks remarked that both supervisors and baristas will be receiving them. The company has always been a champion of employee benefits and better pay. The current hourly rate of a barista at the company is over nine dollars an hour, a rate that is higher than a good deal of the country’s minimum wage and equal to the high end of it. Becoming a barista at Starbucks is a very highly sought position, or at least, so the numbers say. The company receives upward to four million applications each year for the position, less than two percent of which get the job.

In addition to the announced pay increase, Starbucks employees will receive other new benefits as well. The dress code for the chain has been modified to be more lenient, allowing the show of tattoos as long as they are appropriate and are not on the neck or face. Scarves and vibrant ties are also now acceptable along with black denim clothing. The tattoos are likely being addressed after a large employee petition to revise the policy. All of these changes were specifically outlined in an infographic that Starbucks distributed last week in an effort to show employees proper dress with consideration of the new policies. On top of that, if employees are so inclined, they may now also receive one free pastry for each shift.

These new benefits add to the list of perks that employees receive from working at the coffee houses. The company announced back in June that they would be upping their ability to provide employees with higher education. Over 100,000 employees received the ability to graduate from Arizona State University via an online course that allows them to choose from a wide variety of degrees. The course per individual is valued at $10,000. Starbucks workers that work over 20 hours weekly are also eligible for health benefits.

Starbucks employees will receive most of these new benefits beginning on Monday, Oct. 20. Policy changes like the free food and dress code will immediately be implemented. The pay increase, however, will require navigation of a bit more red tape before its debut. In the company’s official news release, they stated that the pay-related changes will be enacted in early 2015, focusing on individual packages. Managers of employees are expected to approach them at the beginning January to discuss raises. Since workers have varying degrees of involvement in the company, Starbucks expects each case to be individualized in order to ensure fair increases in wage throughout the company.

By Brett Stewart

Business Insider
Fox News

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