Steve Jobs Movie Sees Seth Rogen Join Cast

Steve Jobs

Seth Rogen is the latest celebrity to confirm his part in the Steve Jobs movie. The actor will play Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bales’ leading role, according to recent reports. The movie will tell the story of the Apple legend, including his role in creating the iPhone and iPad.

This is a major step forward in Rogen’s career. His recent hits have been comedies such as Neighbors and then This Is the End. He has not managed to break into the serious roles yet. Many have compared his jump to that of Jonah Hill’s move from comedy to serious roles. The good news is that Rogen has proof that he can act serious parts. He had a number of great moments in Take This Waltz.

Just last week, Aaron Sorkin confirmed that Bale would play the role of Jobs in the biopic movie. The screenwriter confirmed that they needed the best available actor within a specific age range, and all eyes were on the Batman actor. There was reportedly no audition for the actor to get the role. It was a simple meeting to find out whether he was interested in the part.

A number of leading men were considered for the role of Jobs. Guardian Liberty Voice previously reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was a likely contender. He was joined by Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck as options for the role. In the end, Bale nipped it presumably due to his roles in American Psycho and the recent Batman trilogy.

The role will be difficult for Bale, due to the character being in every single scene. Rogen may be able to add some lightheartedness to the set as he joins the cast for the Jobs movie.

It is unclear just how much screen time Rogen will have. Details of the movie have not completely been shared, but it is said to revolve around important product launches. Wozniak was not there for many of them, but was there for the beginning. Unless there are additions of Jobs speaking to Wozniak afterwards, it is likely that Rogen will only be in the beginning parts before he leaves the company in 1985.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are still chances that Rogan will not even play the role. The casting is still in negotiation stages, and it is unclear whether the Neighbors star has been offered the part. There are even uncertainties that Bale will definitely play the part of the leading man.

Danny Boyle has been confirmed as director for the part, with Sorkin as the screenwriter. Mark Gordon, Scott Rudin and Guymon Casady have also been confirmed as producers for the movie. There is the possibility that Jessica Chastain will join the cast as Jobs’ faithful assistant during the product launches, but those talks are still reportedly in the preliminary stages.

The movie does not even have a title as of yet. There have been some setbacks so far, but there is still hope that it will be made. So far, Rogen is said to be joining Bale and the rest of the cast for the movie about Jobs’ life and career.

By Alexandria Ingham


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