Suge Knight and Katt Williams Arrested for Camera Theft

Rap mogul Suge Knight was arrested today, along with comedian Katt Williams. They were booked in regards to an incident that took place in Beverly Hills, in which they were accused of stealing a camera from a female photographer and causing injury to her hand at the same time.

The incident itself actually occurred almost two months ago, in the afternoon of September 5th. The conflict went down outside a yoga studio, and TMZ has since obtained video footage of the alleged victim giving a statement to BHPD officers shortly following the event. The Los Angeles County Defense Attorney’s department has given details as to how both men were caught, and the location they were currently in when they were located by appropriate law enforcement authorities. Williams was placed under arrest in Los Angeles after he showed up for a required court appearance relating to a previous crime, and Knight was booked after officer’s located him while in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both the men were hit with charges of robbery, although the physical injury part has yet to be addressed.

Although information regarding the penalty or jail time the men will serve for the alleged incident, it is presumed that they will serve an extremely substantial amount of prison time due to already being in possession of significantly serious criminal records. If convicted, Knight is looking at a potential 30 years to life in a state prison, and Williams will serve as much as seven. The 49-year-old Death Records Honcho is set to face three decades due his previously having been convicted for an assault via deadly weapon. 41-year-old Williams was attending the aforementioned court hearing due to a previous arrest regarding assault, hence his term of over five years. Both men are still being held in custody, with bail amounts reportedly being set at one million and $75,000 respectively.

Knight has certainly been having quite the year. Back in August, the mogul was shot a total of six times, five in the stomach and once in the arm. The shooting took place during an MTV Video Music Awards after-party, which was hosted at Beverly Hill’s 10AK nightclub by fellow rap/hip hop legend Chris Brown. The gunfire also significantly wounded two other individuals. Knight managed to make his way out of the crowd on his own accord, albeit not in the best physical state before officers that had been called to the scene discovered him. He was placed into a squad car and subsequently admitted to hospital, where he spend several days in recovery. It was widely speculated that the California native was fully aware of his attacker’s identity, but was unwilling to cooperate with local authorities during questioning.

This was not the first time Knight had been evasive regarding a police investigation following a serious shooting, however. In 1996, the man was driving the vehicle in which late rap legend Tupac Shakur was riding shotgun when he fell victim to a drive-by and subsequently died from his injuries, leaving the hip-hop world to still mourn to this day. Knight was not particularly helpful to law enforcement in regards to the investigation, voicing his view that those who rat out others to police are highly frowned upon and therefore it is not something he will ever be coerced into doing.

It remains to be seen what prison sentence Suge Knight and Katt Williams will serve for the incident that occurred with a Beverly Hills photographer back in September. The date for their sentencing has yet to be revealed, and as of now the two still remain in appropriate custody.

By Rebecca Grace

People Magazine
Photo by Tupac Amaru Shakur – Flickr License

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