Susan Smith Still Shows No Regret Over Killing Her Children

SmithIt has been two decades since this heinous crime happened, however, Susan Smith from South Carolina still shows no remorse over killing her two sons. Smith does not feel guilty for her brutal act, furthermore, she even continues with her scandalous acts in prison.

It was in October 1994, when Susan was only 23 years old and she started seeing a married man, named Tom Findley, who soon ended their relationship. Even more, Findley wrote her a letter, saying that he does not want to have a relationship with a woman who has children. In a seemingly happy marriage with her husband David, Smith was raising her one-year-old son Alex and three-year-old son Michael in the town of Union, but her pathological love in Findley soon trampled her readiness for motherhood.

Susan drove her children to the lake and she pushed the car with children still inside into the depth. After she murdered her own two boys, Smith skilfully acted that she is panicked and she told the police that she and the boys were driving on a trip when they were stopped at the roadside by an alleged black male, who pulled Susan out of the car and kidnapped her children. Desperate spouses were publicly begging this fake kidnapper to return their boys, but after a few days, Smith came forward and she told the horrific truth to her husband and to the investigators.

In June the following year, the jury sentenced Smith to life imprisonment, but the prosecution is nonetheless still convinced that they lost the case, because they demanded the death penalty for Susan, who also triggered a wave of protests with a racist accusation of a non-existent black kidnapper. However, the defense successfully convinced the jury by claiming that in childhood, Susan was sexually abused by her stepfather and this experience allegedly blurred her mind and her look at a genuine partnership. The defense also claimed that Smith was desperate and depressive on that fateful day and that she wanted to take her ownlife too. However, she allegedly changed her mind in the last second and she jumped out of the car.

Despite the fact that she has been in prison for almost 20 years, Susan still shows no regret for her cruel act. Furthermore, Smith is a real troublemaker in prison and she once even cut her wrist in desperation, but they prevented her suicide on time. She was also accused of having sexual intercourse with prison guards, since she was caught when she behaved obscene in her first prison in Columbia, where two guards then lost their jobs and Smith faced an extended a ban on entry into the canteen and to the common yard. After that, she got tired of men and Susan found a woman partner in Greenwood prison.

“Most murderers committed their crimes during the time of unbridled passion or hot rage. Sooner or later, after years in jail, they realize their mistakes and they want to become good people. Susan Smith simply does not fit this pattern,” department of justice in South Carolina commented on the behaviour of the unbridled prisoner.

According to several reports, Susan Smith is a narcissistic manipulator, who loves the media attention. Despite the fact that she was sentenced to life imprisonment, Susan will be able to apply for probation in 2024.

By: Janette Verdnik

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Photo by Lou Krasky – Associated Press License

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  1. Gareth O'Toole   October 31, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Why is scum like this allowed to live? Justice served if they’re put to sleep


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