Taylor Swift Advice to Selena Gomez Good for All


Child stars have a lot of pressure on them with people criticizing their every move, outfit, meal when dining out, date and choice in life. Many spin out of control by hanging out with people not after their best interest or not offering good advice. According to Selena Gomez, one person offering her sound counsel and good advice these days has been there herself and understands all about life under a microscope – Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift, 24, and Selena Gomez, 22, have been close friends for years. But the older and worldlier Swift has spent more years in the public glare with some high profile and often talked about (or, in her case, sung about) boyfriends. Gomez spent several years with one boyfriend, Justin Beiber, that Swift thinks belongs in Gomez’ past for good. While her advise about Beiber may have gone unheeded for too long, Gomez has publicly said how much she values Swift’s guidance.

On The Talk television show last Friday, Gomez related some guidance Swift recently gave her that is sound advice for anyone, and critically important for people who may be surrounded by the wrong crowd. They were gabbing at Gomez’ home about relationships. Swift said to her pal, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re going to be in the wrong room.”

Gomez went on to explain that Swift is always supportive and non-judgmental. The older singer encouraged her younger friend to surround herself with people who will strive to challenge her, motivate her and make her a better person. Gomez added, “It kind of stuck to me. I want to surround myself with those people.”

Gomez probably wishes she heard the message and it sunk in sooner. The actress/singer started the year in rehab and has struggled with reconciling her on-again, off-again relationship with Beiber. Gomez told fans earlier in the year that she “lost sight of who I was.”

Gomez acknowledges that she has learned from her mistakes, but realizes most of them are normal for someone her age. It is just in her situation the mistakes are under a lot more scrutiny and the cattiness that most young women deal with on college or high school campuses for her are in the media. Gomez has been in the public eye since she was a 10-year-old singing and dancing on Barney & Friends with Demi Lovato. She later had a television show on Disney before moving onto movies and a singing career. Gomez has said she sometimes feels people pick on her and want to see her become another child-star-goes-bad story.

Swift reported thinks Gomez should move on in real life and join her in New York City. She said Swift begged her to join her there. Whether Gomez does bite the Big Apple or not, Swift also encouraged her to follow her lead and take time for herself rather than jumping into another relationship.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez both value their friendship and particularly the ability to talk with someone or get good advice for all they are dealing with in life. “Both of us have kind of stuck it out and hung in there through all the different changes we’ve gone through,” Gomez added.

By Dyanne Weiss

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  1. MaryDtn9   October 20, 2014 at 4:34 am

    We are not talking about a kid here. Selena Gomez is 22 years old woman. If just one percent of stuff reported about her is true, it is that she is desperate to be married, she is overrun with mental issues, overindulges in booze and drugs, and she is a gold digger. Sorry folks but the facts are she seduced Justin Bieber when he was a minor and she was never charged. Double standards suck. She needs a psychiatrist, not a boyfriend or a husband. Sadly JB’s love is unconditional and she knows this and uses it. PRENUP! PRENUP! Why this woman gets coddled and special treatment by the media is a mystery! Just a parent’s point of view!


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