Texas Teen Gets Life for Killing Mom and Sexually Violating Corpse


A Texas teenager showed no emotion on Wednesday as he received a life sentence in prison. Kevin Davis, 18, pleaded guilty on Monday, the beginning day of his trial, to using a hammer to kill his mother and then sexually violating her corpse in a final, depraved act. He had previously pleaded not guilty in June.

Jurors in Nueces County in Texas deliberated for less than an hour before returning to the courtroom with the decision to give Davis a life sentence. Prosecutors in the case previously offered Davis a sentence of 60 years for the murder and rape of his mother, Kimberly Hill, but he turned them down.

Speaking to KIII News, prosecutor Kim Gonzalez described the Corpus Christi, Texas, crime scene as something only seen in movies. She added that Davis’ confession, with the grisly details of what he had done to Hill and how he had done it, was not something that is seen every day.

KZTV reports that during an interview with investigators, Davis confessed to the March 26 murder; admitting to having strangled his mother with a power cord from a video game. When that failed to silence Hill, he used a hammer to hit her 20 times in the back of her head. In order to ensure that his mother was dead, he put his hand inside of one of her head wounds and moved her brain to make sure she was dead. After that, he had sex with her dead body, saying to Texas police, “I guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse.” Detectives asked Davis on the video what kind of punishment he thought he should receive and he responded by saying “100 years.”

The teen also told police that before the murder, he told his mother that he was tired of life and that he did not like people. Although she was upset, she told him that what he did was out of her control. At that moment, Davis says he decided to murder his mother.

Davis admitted to police that he had fantasies involving his sister as well that were sexually violent. After killing his mother, he waited for his sister, Desirae Hill, to return home so that he could kill her, too. When she failed to arrive, he took off on his bicycle with the intention of moving out of the area, later telling detectives that “I had my fill of killing.” He followed train tracks out of town before abandoning his backpack and his bicycle near the city of Annaville, Texas.

Now on foot, Davis continued on before stopping at a house located in Robstown, Texas. He was arrested after knocking on the door and confessing to the person who answered that he had just murdered somebody and he needed help. The couple were called to testify during the trial and the 911 call was played for the jury.  During the call, the woman who was at the residence asked Davis if he wanted to say anything. Davis took the phone, then told the dispatcher that his mother was dead before providing her with the address of his mother’s apartment.  When prosecutors directed them to identify the person who had knocked on their door, Davis waved at them both.

When the Texas police arrived at the apartment, they discovered a bloody trail originating in the apartment’s living room and leading down the hall into a bedroom. Detective Richard Garcia testified that when they found Hill, the lower half of her body was unclothed and she had been posed. Notes written by Davis were found throughout the home. One in particular asked police to “chase” him and apologized for the mess he had left.

Davis described Hill as “the best mother” who did nothing to deserve the brutal killing, although he added that if he had the opportunity to go back and not kill his mother, he would not change what he had done. He also related what is his perfect fantasy, which entails dressing up, decapitating a girl, putting a dress on her corpse and then having sex with her dead body. Jurors also heard Davis admitting to performing a sexual act on the remains of a cat which he had viciously killed.

During the recorded interview, Davis denies having a mental illness, saying to the Texas detectives, “I’m just a horrible, disgusting person.” At the end of the courtroom video playback, Caller.com reports that Davis turned toward the jury and smiled.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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