The Following Season 3 (Preview & Trailer)

The followingIt has been almost six months since The Following wrapped up on its second season, however, numerous fans all over the world were anxiously waiting for the moment when a trailer for season three will be revealed. Well, rejoice, because it is finally here (bottom of the article). And even though it may not answer some of the most important questions, it most certainly offers a sneak peek into the upcoming season.

The creators of The Following revealed that the third season will pick up one year after the second season ended. However, several flashbacks will be featuring relationships with other FBI agents and they will be shown in order to help the viewers catch up with where Hardy has been during this one year. Furthermore, the writers designed the season three premiere as an entry point for new viewers too, since they have put in some flashbacks and details to help ensure that no one, who wants to watch, is left behind.

Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy) said that the second season was about the masks that they wear and about Ryan masking his pain. However, Hardy is in a much better place in season three, since he has a girlfriend and his relationship with his niece Max is strong.

On the other hand, Mike Weston lost everything and he made a decision to go on a hunt for Mark. This decision pushed Mike him away from Ryan, however, Weston does not blame Hardy for his personal losses nor for the decisions he made in his life. Season three is about Mike trying to decide whether to give himself over to the vengeance or try to move on like Ryan.

Ryan is very worried about Mike and his well-being, since he believes that Weston is at risk. However, the creators of The Following revealed that the most interesting thing that drives he entire show is conflict. Conflict between Hardy, Carroll, Weston and Mark fuels the upcoming season, but it is very important that the characters grow and change, especially Mike in the third season.

Zuleika Robinson is playing Gwen, Ryan’s new girlfriend, who is an ER Doctor. According to the creators of the show, the second episode will feature a flashback about how the two of them met. This is now the first time that Hardy might be in a relationship with the right woman, since Claire, who was Joe’s wife, may not have been the healthiest choice.

Hardy’s niece, Max Hardy, is in a relationship with a character named Tom, who is a SWAT guy that the viewers will see regularly. Even though Mike still wants to be with her, he has to make a choice between his thirst for vengeance against Mark or fighting for her.

Joe Carroll and Mark Grey will not be hidden from the audience in season three. According to the writers of The Following, Joe will play a big part in the upcoming season. They revealed that there will be a lot of scenes with Hardy visiting Carroll in prison, however, they are trying to do something different from Hannibal and similar shows. Furthermore, Joe’s story will be just the tip of the iceberg, since Mark will be the shark under the water, who will most certainly surprise the audience in many ways. The viewers will finally get one of the questions answered, as they will find out who was in the car with Mark (it is a woman, by the way) at the end of the season two finale. The creators of the show say that Mark is in a very desperate place, since he lost his entire family and he could be a potential threat to anyone (Ryan, Joe and/or Mike).

Dr. Arthur Strauss, who was Carroll’s mentor, will return in the third season. While he is on trial, the viewers will have a chance to actually meet some of his followers.

Despite the fact that Kevin Bacon revealed that they are actually dialing back on the blood (and stabbing parts), some of the actual violence will be more disturbing. The actor believes that some of the implied brutality, which the viewers do not see, will be even more scarier than in the previous seasons. Since the producers said that they know where season 3 ends and where season 4 begins, the viewers can assume that The Following already got a season 4.

While the viewers are anxiously waiting for The Following to return, there are still many guesses and questions about season three. Will Joe and Ryan eventually team up? Will Joe escape from prison? How long will Ryan’s happiness with his girlfriend Gwen last? What happened with Joe’s cult? What plan does Mark have? Well, the viewers will have to wait for a few more months, since The Following returns in January, 2015.

By: Janette Verdnik

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