The Players Tribune: New Site Launched by Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter The Players Tribune

Former (as of four days ago) Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is in the process of launching a new website with the help of developers, athletes, and coaches that will completely change the way the players interact with their fans, and it is called The Players Tribune. Jeter promises that this site will be an initiative that will bring fans closer to their favorite players than they have ever been.

Currently, there are social media sites where athletes ranging across the world of sports have the opportunity to post whatever they want whenever they want. However, if the ideas presented by Derek Jeter about The Players Tribune and its execution are true, fans have a culture changing experience to look forward to. Jeter has promised a centralized site where fans can view interviews, videos, podcasts, written works, and pictures directly from players without any threat of tampering from media. An experience of this magnitude would be a game changer, no pun intended, for all people involved in sports, and outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube would not be able to compete with the purity that The Players Tribune could offer people just hoping to find out what an average game day looks like, or what a players favorite song is, or how an athlete feels about an event because of the freedom Jeter’s platform would offer.

The Players Tribune would offer NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL athletes and others from individual sports as well. Top athletes would have an opportunity to put out media that will not be confined to 140 characters, that will have to be released and subjected to question about whether the media has actually been given by the athlete or his representatives (which truly, as a fan, makes an enormous difference), and most importantly the purpose at the heart of the site will always be held at the forefront if Derek Jeter the web developer is anything like Derek Jeter the captain.

Derek Jeter is, and has always been by many people’s accounts, a man who can do no wrong. The twelve-year captain of the New York Yankees has finally called it quits, and people simply cannot get enough of him. Jeter-mania is at its largest even in the dusk of Derek Jeter’s illustrious twenty-year career and many wondered what would be his next step. The Future Hall of Famer did tell the host of NBC’s ‘Today,’ Matt Lauer, that he felt “Young,” and then told fans on Twitter that he’d like to be an “Owner someday.” Jeter has all the capabilities in the world to do what he wants, and in his typical way, has not raised much ruckus about his site, but did graciously offer his vision to his fans.

In his opening letter about The Players Tribune, Derek Jeter writes about his “guarded” demeanor during his time as a Yankee, and mentions that he and other players are not “robots,” but that they understand that “any statement, or opinion or detail, might be distorted.” The Cap looks to give fans “unfiltered” access to players they love, while giving players direct access to the fans to support them by launching his new site.

By LaBaron Jackson

Bleacher Report
NY Daily News
Image courtesy of Ed Betz, Associated Press

4 Responses to "The Players Tribune: New Site Launched by Derek Jeter"

  1. Rich LoCascio   October 2, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Derek Jeter is the most trustworthy and most honorable athlete to start this new endeavor that’ll bring fans closer to the game and the players they look up to. Well done, Mr. Jackson.

  2. LaBaron Jackson Sr.   October 2, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Great job Bamm!!!Derrick J played alot like your dad to bad I won’t be a hall of famer.

  3. Dustin DMoney Gibbs   October 2, 2014 at 9:05 am

    That’s my boy!!!!


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