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On The Voice tonight, the Battles continued with Part 3. There are 12 Battles done and over with and 12 more to go, as the coaches make more tough decisions and narrow down their teams. The competition was fierce, as the remaining singers battled their team mates to be the ones who would make up each coach’s teams going into the Knockout Rounds.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, recapped last week’s Battles and then he introduced the four coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. Adam has not yet added anyone to his team via a steal. “Tonight, 12 more artists take the stage,” as Carson said.

TSA officer, Damien, 35, and Kelli Douglas will be the first two competitors, from Team Adam, to go head-to-head in the Battles tonight. Fleetwood Mac singer, Stevie Nicks, is the mentor this season for Team Adam. She sang at his wedding this past summer. They will be singing Knock on Wood as they face off against each other.

Damien said that Adam “gives genuine advice direct from his heart.”

The first Battle of The Voice was fantastic, a great way to start off the episode. Damien showed off his strong vocal talents, but Kelli also showcased her powerful vocals, as well. They both did a terrific job playing to the audience and working the stage. They had the audience clapping during the entire song.

Blake said “I think this will just come down to a matter of taste for you, Adam. It’s two different types of singers.’

Pharrell said “It took me straight back to the 1950s. You guys are really, honestly, really good singers.”

Gwen said that she “was distracted by Kelli’s body.” Kelli said “Thank you.”

Adam said that they had worked really hard on it, but they had a lot of fun with singing it, and that is what he wanted from them. Carson asked him “Who is the winner of this Battle?”

Adam said “The winner of this Battle is — Damien.” Kelli was available to be stolen by one of the other coaches, but none of them stole her.

Carson said that, coming up on The Voice, “The Battles are just heating up!”

When The Voice came back, Gwen Stefani talked with her husband and mentor for her team, Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush. The two competitors from Team Gwen who will be performing are Jessie Pitts, 18, and Ryan Sill. They will be singing I Need Your Love, by Ellie Goulding. Jessie has a beautiful, unique voice — she brought tears to Gwen’s eyes as she sang.

Gwen and Gavin noticed that Jessie and Ryan had changed the arrangement at the last rehearsal, and they did not seem to like the changes. They were singing more quietly. After that, they went back to more like they had been singing it, and it sounded great.

Ryan said that “Right now, I’m living my dream and I don’t want to give that up.” The Voice went to another break, but when the show returns, Jessie and Ryan will commence their Battle.

Jessie has such an AMAZING voice — Ryan did a wonderful job, also, but…it was a really good Battle — both of the competitors gave it their all and left nothing behind as they sang.

Blake said “Ryan, your voice just cuts through like a razor. Jessie, you did a helluva job. I’d probably vote for Jessie on this one.”

Pharrell said he felt the song suited Jessie well, but he would probably go with Ryan.

Adam said that he would disagree and he thought that Jessie was the one who won the Battle.

Gwen told Ryan that “Your attitude is beyond amazing. I love you both so much; it is devastating for me to choose. The winner of this Battle is going to be…Ryan.”

Jessie was up for a steal. It seemed as if she was going to be going home, but — Blake hit his button and stole her! “You’re so unique,” he said. “I think you’re going to win this thing!”

“I have no more steals left because of this girl right here,” Blake said, walking up to Jessie to welcome her to his team. Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

Pharrell was up next after the break on The Voice. His team member, Blessing Offor, went head-to-head against Katriz Trinidad. They met with the mentor of Pharrell’s team, Alicia Keys. Pharrell said he paired them together because they “both sing from the heart.” He gave them the Stevie Wonder song, I Do I Do. It will be difficult to beat Blessing, though Katriz Trinidad also has a good voice. Blessing just sounds so much like…Stevie Wonder sounds like, so it will be tough for Katriz to beat him.

Carson Daly said that the Battle between the two will be “coming up,” as The Voice headed to another commercial break. It should be another all-out Battle, though Katriz needs to be on her A-game if she hopes to beat Blessing tonight.

When The Voice returned, Carson introduced the two competitors and the Battle began, Blessing began the song, and he seemed to overpower Katriz and take the song over. Katriz answered back with some great vocals of her own, and even shimmied and danced a little bit as she sang. The audience clapped throughout the performance.

Gwen said “You were both shocking for different reasons.” She said that Katriz was like a little doll, but had such a great voice. Blessing had a deep, powerful voice that she also loved.

Blake said “You guys did it incrediblly well. It was pretty damn equal. For you to go toe-to-toe with him is pretty great.”

Pharrell said “I’m gonna go with — Katriz.” Way to go, Katriz! Adam pushed his button to steal Blessing. “Honestly, I thought you were just KILLING!”

Then, Gwen hit her button, also! “I love your voice! Just being around someone as talented as you will be a blessing in my life.”

Adam told Blessing “I got to sing with Stevie once and you have a part of that spirit in you.”

Blessing thanked them both, and said “I pick Adam.” He will get to progress on to the Knockout Rounds now. After another commercial break, there will be a lot more great singing to go in this episode of The Voice.

From Team Adam, the next two competitors that went go head-to-head against each other were Ethan Butler and Matt McAndrew. They both really enjoyed working with rock royalty, in the form of Stevie Nicks. The song that they will be doing Battle singing is Yellow by Coldplay. Ethan has a beautiful, choir-like voice,” Nicks said. “Matt has the ability to make people cry,” she added.

Adam said, at the last rehearsal, that Ethan and Matt came into it with their own interpretation of the song, playing their guitars as they sang. “I really loved it,” he said.

“I don’t want anyone to be cookie-cutter this season,” Adam said. Both singers have their own approach to Yellow, and it is sure to be a great Battle — but, first on The Voice, there will be yet more commercials.

Carson introduced the two competitors when The Voice came back form break. Both singers were awesome — Ethan began singing, then Matt sang a couple of lines. They harmonized very well together, and were the best Battle yet of the night.

Blake said “Great job, guys! You approached it like you were in concert and a duo.”

Pharrell said that they both were amazing. “It’s a draw for me,” he said.

Gwen said “Matt — there’s something magical aobut you. I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

Adam said that they were both incredibly talented and he should not have pittd them against each other. “The winner of this Battle is Matt,” Adam said.

Carson reminded the other coaches that Ethan was available to be stolen, but nobody used a steal on him.

Two team members from Team Blake will go head-to-head against each other after more commercials on The Voice. Bree Fondacaro will Battle against Taylor Brashears. They will be singing You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt. Taylor really enjoyed meeting Team Blake’s mentors, Little Big Town.

Blake and Little Big Town gave the two competitors sound advice about how to sing the song. Both of the women have a much different approach to the song. Carson Daly said that the Battle will be coming up on The Voice after another commercial break.

After the break on The Voice, Bree went head-to-head against Taylor Brashears singing You’re No Good. Bree has a sultry, smoky sound to her voice. Taylor sang with a lot of power and they both sounded terrific together.

Pharrell said to Bree “I would have loved to have seen you lose yourself find the song a bit more. And, Taylor, you’re just so damn confident. You just dive in — I relate to that.”

Gwen said the problem she had was that “They didn’t do the original melody. That distracted me,” she said.

Adam told them he would go with Taylor, because “she sounded more self-assured.”

Blake said “The winner of this Battle is — Taylor.” That left Bree open to be stolen by the other three coaches. However, none of the other coaches used a steal on her.

After another commercial break, when The Voice came back, two other competitors from Team Pharrell performed. It was the final Battle of the evening. DaNica Shirey, a stay-at-home mom, went in a head-to-head Battle against Toia Jones. Pharrell said that they will be singing Halo by Beyonce.

Pharrell called them both “stars.” They sang with such emotion. Toia cried, and Pharrell said “That’s good — you have all of that emotion inside of you.”

They both began singing remarkably well together, and Pharrell praised them highly. Pharrell said he would probably go with the one who most seemed to sing as if “This was their moment.” The final performance of the night on The Voice will be after more commercials…blah.

Carson introduced DaNica Shirey and Toia Jones, and the last Battle of the evening on The Voice began. They both sang Halo with tons of emotion, NAILING this great Beyonce song! It was an AMAZING way to conclude this episode of The Voice!

Gwen said “That was crazy! Your voices are both so powerful! It was mind-blowing!:

Adam said “Singing a Beyonce song is like slaying a dragon! You both slayed it then slapped it in the face a couple of times!”

Blake said their performance was “incredible.”

Carson asked Pharrell who the winner was, and Pharrell chose DaNica. He said that “You just don’t expect that voice from her.”

Then, Adam Levine pushed his button to steal Toia. After that, Gwen pushed her button, also.

Toia said “I think I’m going to choose…Adam!”

The Voice Battles Part 3 tonight was another intense episode, in which some of the best Battles yet took place. Some of the highlights of the episode included Katriz Trinidad vs. Blessing Offor singing the Stevie Wonder hit, Do I Do; Matt McAndrew vs. Ethan Butler singing the Coldplay song, Yellow; and, the final head-to-head Battle of the evening on The Voice, DaNica Shirey vs. Toia Jones singing Halo. There will be more Battles to come tomorrow — stay tuned to watch and discover who will be progressing on to the Knockout Rounds!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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