The Walking Dead No Sanctuary: Carol Rules and Morgan Returns

The Walking Dead No Sanctuary: Carol Rules and Morgan Returns

Since Carol was banished in last season’s The Walking Dead, only to come back after The Governor stormed the prison and the survivors scattered to the four winds, No Sanctuary gave her complete redemption letting Carol rule as the group’s saviour; one non Carol related surprise was Morgan returning and apparently following Rick’s trail. The first question that springs to mind is just why Morgan has shown up now. Is it now his turn to “do a Carol?”

As mentioned before, in season four, Rick banished Carol after she admitted to killing Tyreese’s ailing girlfriend Karen. Granted this was back when the leader was still trying to function as “Farmer Rick” but his reasoning was clear. He felt the woman was a little too cold blooded to be safe and he also dreaded what would happen when Tyreese found out.

On a sidenote; how neat was it that the young man, from the couple that Rick and Carol met in Indifference the season four episode where Rick kicks Carol out of the group, made a very brief appearance as victim number one in the killing room at Terminus? Although to be fair, neat is probably not the best way to describe it, but the fact that Rick recognised the poor chap just before he got an “Al Capone” to the back of the head was a great touch and a way to tie up that dangling thread. Now back to Carol’s journey of redemption.

The Walking Dead has followed Carol in her quest to rejoin the group after she and Tyreese got together in the second half of season four. The character arc for the woman who admitted wholeheartedly that she stepped up and killed both David and Karen to save the rest of the survivors from the flu has been a tough one and viewers only know part of what Carol has been through. There was no “spotlight” like The Governor got in Live Bait. Viewers saw her suffer in the heartbreaking, and shocking, The Grove episode where her character had to kill a child. Now in No Sanctuary, Carol ruled the day as saviour for the entire group. Since leaving the group, and returning, this season five opener gave her a chance at total redemption. So what does the return of Morgan herald in The Walking Dead premiere?

The last time fan’s of the show saw Morgan he was suffering a breakdown after his walker missus turned their son into a zombie. The man decided to become a sort of lone warrior who just hunted the walking dead and wanted to be left alone. Now he is on the move and clearly looking for Rick and co.

With this sudden reappearance of a fan favorite, it looks like Morgan may not be set up to “do a Carol” exactly. Which leads one to wonder if the show’s makers will do a spotlight, or two, a la The Governor. The surprise of him following Rick’s group at the end certainly suggests that Morgan either had unfinished business with the group or has gotten tired of his solo existence. However with the underlying theme of No Sanctuary being one of change and how circumstances meld a person’s character into either good or bad versions of themselves, the audience will most likely be treated to just what happened to Morgan in The Walking Dead since he was last seen.

Season five of The Walking Dead looks to be pretty high octane in terms of zombie dispatching and taking out the baddies. In No Sanctuary alone, not only did Carol rule the day, and Morgan popped up like a ghost from “walker past” but Rick got his mojo back and allowed that violent “bad ass” side of himself shine. It also looks like another character, Father Gabriel, is about to appear from The Walking Dead comic verse. Here is hoping that Gabriel does not bring Negan with him.

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