California Set Free by Recreational Cannabis


The beautiful and majestic state of California is well known for its amazing greenery, no not just the average foliage that can be found all over, but that special aromatic sort of the smokeable variety. By this stage in modern existence, it should be well known that cannabis has proven medicinal value. That is not all it can be used for of course, as it has infinite possibilities in both manufacturing and consumption. Those are battles that are still being fought by cannabis supporters and activists globally, with progress being steadily made. But in the case of California being set free by recreational cannabis, it is a win win situation for consumers, business and the state budget, if Colorado and Washington are any measure.

California now has a ripe opportunity in front of it to save itself, the people have spoken and it is “high” time politicians and lawmakers listened. Once the outdated laws and restrictions are finally fully lifted from this amazing plant, great strides can be made in even more diverse areas. The speed of change is steadily picking up and with California having led the charge for cannabis’ medicinal use back in 1996, it should only be a matter of time before California gets on board the recreational train to economic freedom. Much like Colorado and Washington, California boasts a large population of cannabis users and many of them use cannabis recreationally to varying degrees.

CaliforniaIt goes without saying that there is a long way to go before cannabis use is properly regulated, but a start has to be made in order to allow adults their right to indulge socially without fear of arrests or harassment. For now, indulgers must be somewhat cunning in their pursuit of the sweet cheeba. Studies have projected that the American cannabis market stands to bring in an estimated $3-$10 billion in sales by the year 2018, with recreational sales outpacing medicinal sales That is further proof that California is in a peak position to benefit and be set free by legalizing recreational use.

It is an open secret that a fairly large percentage of users have very mild, to no “symptoms” at all to “legally” justify their indulgence, so, they lie. But why should they have to? Albeit, it is almost laughably easy to obtain a medical recommendation to use cannabis in many parts of California. Adults should not have to tout phantom illnesses to validate their reasons for lighting up or consuming this most Fascinating plant. Yet this is the only way that recreational users can obtain the herb legally, and that is a shame. The question must then be asked, who is benefiting from cannabis’ illegal status?California

The first place to look would be towards industries that might lose revenue if cannabis were legalized across the board. It is interesting to note exactly who is lobbying Washington for its continued demonization. The staunch  proponents of the failed drug war are also standing in the way of progress. Sooner or later cannabis’ enemies will have to face the fact that this herb is a miracle plant and it is swiftly becoming the medicine/drug of choice by discerning adults everywhere. California needs to keep pushing for the freedom to responsibly and recreationally use cannabis. Only then will it be in the right state of mind. (Pun intended!)

By Mai Nowlin

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One Response to "California Set Free by Recreational Cannabis"

  1. Downthelaw   October 15, 2014 at 9:57 am

    The costly, wasteful, FAILED prohibition has done nothing but empower street gangs and cartels. Waste so much taxes and resources on nonviolent “crimes”. Pulling good, hard working, tax paying people out of the work force and into jails with tax dollars. There’s tax that have stopped being paid and taxes being spent there. Instead of creating jobs and tax revenue. It created D.A.R.E. which only introduces drugs to kids. Illegal drug deals sell weed to kids and have the other hard drug that we real don’t want kid to have for sure. With legalization we would have weed only shops that tell kids no I can’t sell to you. Prohibition takes much needed meds that won’t kill you from patients that really need it. And puts pills in there hand that they get so addicted to. They don’t know what to do without them and overdose everyday by the hundreds. The terrors of prohibition go on and on. And even if legalization would in fact be a bad thing. It’s not anywhere near as bad as prohibition. Even in health. More people die from law raids of marijuana then will ever die from marijuana use. Enough is enough with prohibition. It must stop ASAP


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