The Walking Dead: Strangers Piece Meal (Review)

The Walking Dead

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Strangers it looks like Gareth plans on making Rick and his group pay a piece at a time, as he and his Terminus survivors munch down on Bob’s leg in their first cannibal meal since Carol helped tear their playhouse down a la MacGyver/Rambo. The fact that the Terminus leader managed to survive last week’s attack from Rick’s gang and the the horde of walkers who scrambled through the compound was as surprising as Morgan showing up after the credits of No Sanctuary.

This season in the show, Carl has shot up in height and his character has learned much in the short space of time between almost being raped by the gang that traveled with Daryl and then almost being eaten by the Terminus cannibals. The other noticeable thing, specifically about the Carl and Rick conversation, is the irony of the little speech about being prepared and not ever letting your guard down. Of course Bob lets his guard down toward the end of the episode and it costs him his leg.

Gareth surviving and striking with his fellow Terminus followers after Rick’s group face down the food bank walkers in the flooded basement goes a long way to prove his point to Carl about the facts of this post apocalyptic world. In The Walking Dead they are not safe if they do not keep their guard up. The interesting thing about Strangers and the piece meal eating of Bob is that now the group are facing danger from within, with Father Gabriel Stokes who is definitely not telling the group everything, and from “without” with the survival of the cannibals.

Carl shows that not only has his confidence level grown, but he has gotten wise, following his father’s lead, he searches until he finds proof that Gabriel is not what he says he is. Bob seems to know that he is living on borrowed time. In the church, after the big feast, he urges Sasha to kiss him again and again. Earlier he did the same, almost as if he knew his time with her was going to be limited. The Walking Dead this season seems to be about either making up for lost time or getting as much living in as possible.

Abraham gives a heartfelt speech sans bravado for once and he converts even Rick into following his plan to save the world. The only thing more exciting than Carol’s deciding to stick around is the appearance of the car that took Beth. Daryl has not forgotten his bonding time with Hershel’s younger daughter and he immediately gets Carol to jump into the backup car and take off. On par with this other surprising visit from the past, think Morgan here, is Rick getting back in his prior The Walking Dead “bad-a**” protector mode when he tells Gabriel that if he harms his family, he will kill him.

Keeping Morgan’s appearance in mind, hopefully Bob will be saved before Gareth and his remaining followers devour the man piece meal. While Morgan did not make an appearance in Strangers, The Walking Dead it was hard to forget that he was the last person seen in the previous episode. It has to be pointed out that the highlight of this episode had to be Michonne revealing that she misses her samurai sword as much as the viewers do. Reaching behind her back for the sword handle caused her character to chuckle and fans of The Walking Dead nodded and chuckled along with her. One last thought, now that Bob has lost a leg, if he lives will he be the next Hershel? Lucy and Beth’s dad also had a drinking problem just like Bob. Something to think on while waiting to see what his fate will be.

By Michael Smith



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