Tim Burton Recreating ‘Mary Poppins’?



A recent rumor regarding master storyteller Tim Burton recreating the Disney classic Mary Poppins has begun to surface all over the internet. The alleged remake is supposedly set to star two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the famous nanny, with Maleficent’s Sam Riley as her counterpart, Bert the chimney sweep.

Burton is widely known for his dark and twisted vision of reality and original take on classic material. The director helmed the 2010 remake of another Disney classic, Alice In Wonderland and was originally signed on to direct the Sleeping Beauty crossover film Maleficent. These facts alone prove Burton’s talent for telling old stories anew.

The Nightmare Before Christmas creator has formed a strong business partnership with his good friend, Johnny Depp and his domestic partner, Helena Bonham Carter, who frequently portray principal roles in a great many of Burton’s films, often opposite of each other. While no attachment to the Mary Poppins reboot has been made for either Depp or Carter, perhaps the director is moving on to a space outside of his comfort zone that can ultimately lead to great success.

Burton’s latest film, Big Eyes, will release this winter and stars the likes of renown actors Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, two prestigious performers the director has yet to work with. Neither Blanchett nor Riley have worked alongside the director and from the genius the actress displayed in her recent award-winning role in Blue Jasmine and the hype from Riley’s turn in Maleficent, Burton very well may be concocting a brilliant recipe for success.

Although it is still unconfirmed as an official marketing tool, the Internet has been flogged with a poster that is reportedly serving as the announcement of the film. Although the photo could easily be a fan-made fake, the picture is still making the rounds very thoroughly. The image displays Blanchett as Poppins on a cobblestone street, presumably Cherry Tree Lane, with numerous umbrellas flying about in the background. The poster is colored with a silvery blue tone, giving the image the classic Tim Burton feel.

The reports that have been made on the film are stating that this version of Mary Poppins will not reflect the musical version starring Julie Andrews. The adaptation will draw much of its inspiration from the original series of children’s novels written by the late P.L. Travers. In 2013’s Saving Mr. Banks actress Emma Thompson portrays the British author who had many spiteful disagreements with Walt Disney in adapting her book into a film. Saving Mr. Banks reveals Travers as wanting a much more grounded Mary Poppins with an elegant sense of gravitas as opposed to a twinkling musical type. Perhaps Travers would have preferred Burton’s take on her novel as opposed to Disney’s himself.

While the recreation of Mary Poppins by Tim Burton is still nothing but a widely-discussed rumor, one can only hope that said rumor is true. Burton’s unorthodox vision would be absolutely stunning in revamping the iconic flying nanny with a talking umbrella. Only time will tell whether or not an original masterpiece is in the works or if a huge scam will has the entire internet fooled.

Opinion by Cody Collier

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10 thoughts on “Tim Burton Recreating ‘Mary Poppins’?

  1. Ugh nooo don’t do this! I dislike all of the movies he’s made and Mary Poppins is my favorite movie! Don’t ruin it!!!

  2. He’s not remaking it. The “teaser trailer” on YouTube has the village from Sweeney Todd in the background and was put together by some random person.

  3. La mente de la gente que da una crítica destructiva…..es la gente que necesita seriamente diversificar sus pensamientos!!!!!! Que pena la ignorancia y desconocimiento de algunos con la cabeza cuadrada…

  4. “Perhaps Travers would have preferred Burton’s take on her novel as opposed to Disney’s himself.” Not likely. She didn’t want a Mary Poppins film, at all. I can’t see her enjoying a Tim Burton version. I liked a handful of his movies, but they’re all the same. He never tries to branch out.

  5. Please, no. Burton is a dog who pees on other’s works to claim them as his own. He’s wrecked Batman, Charlie and the chocolate Facotry, and Alice in Wonderland. No more. Please.

  6. Please to god no. He ruined Willy Wonka, ruined Alice in wonderland, now he’ll ruin more of my childhood. I hope this is just rumor.

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