Tori Spelling Pregnant Again?

SpellingThe news about Tori Spelling being pregnant again (with her fifth child) may come as a shocking surprise, since several reports in fact suggested that she is divorcing her cheating husband, Dean McDermott. However, it seems like the couple decided to do just the opposite of breaking up the family- to expand it.

According to several latest reports, as well as trailers from the upcoming season 2 of True Tori, Spelling may actually be pregnant. In the trailer, which is promoting the new season of her reality show, Tori is seen telling the cameras that she may be pregnant with her fifth child. Also, according to some reports, an allegedly pregnant Spelling was spotted walking around town, wearing maternity clothes.

However, Tori may have gotten pregnant for all of the wrong reasons, since a source told In Touch Weekly that she knows very well that this will help her story line for the show. The fact is, that when she is pregnant, her husband Dean is always there for her and Spelling actually uses her pregnancies as a way to control him. The source ended his thoughts by saying that controlling Dean with pregnancy is just bizarre.

Due to the fact that the couple admittedly struggled with their marriage in the past, another pregnancy may not be such a good idea right now. However, problems in their marriage are not the only reason why Tori should rethink having children. According to Baby Center, Spelling’s last pregnancy could have killed her. They wrote that Tori Spelling is doing everything she can in order to promote the second season of her reality show True Tori, including the pregnancy tease. The series promises more tears, yelling and quite possibly an announcement that their fifth child is on the way. However, not only does it seem that having another child in the middle of a marital crisis would be a bad idea for the couple, but the viewers may also remember that Tori’s last pregnancy nearly killed her.

Since Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had already been accused of faking things in the past, many people remain quite skeptical of Tori’s alleged pregnancy, despite all of the buzz around town. Furthermore, the industry insiders, critics and even Dean’s own child have accused the show True Tori of being completely staged. From the day that Tori’s show started, the viewers are questioning the authenticity of almost every aspect of the reality program.

Several viewers are convinced that a news like this was coming, since it is almost time for the second season of Tori’s marriage drama to begin. However, many agree that if she does not have something more interesting to offer this season, she may actually have to work on her marriage in private. And that would mean no paycheck, film crew or writers to help. Now that would be some real drama for Tori Spelling, who appears to be highly accustomed to live, love, argue and cry in the spotlight.

Season 2 of the show True Tori will premiere on October, 21 on Lifetime.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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