TV Guide Network Axes 7th Heaven Reruns After Stephen Collins Confession


TV Guide Network has axed any further 7th Heaven reruns from their schedule, in light of the recent confession Stephen Collins made regarding the molestation of underage girls. A representative for the network gave a statement to TMZ earlier today.

The representative said that although there were only two episodes remaining before the reruns wrapped up entirely, executives at the network did not feel that continuing to air even one more episode was a good idea, given that Collins is currently being investigated for child molestation. They also went on to state that no further episodes of the show will be aired in the near future. The show had been receiving a substantial amount of airplay, given that the series lasted a whopping 11 seasons and 243 episodes, and continues to sit as one of the longest standing family dramas in television history. This is not the only network, which has decided to put an end to the show’s reruns; UpTv recently released the statement that they too would no longer be airing the show in light of the recent Collins molestation conflict.

TMZ broke the original story, in which Collins himself is heard in a tape-recorded therapy session admitting the aforementioned misconduct. The actor went to the therapy session with his then-wife Faye Grant, who he is currently in the middle of an extremely messy divorce with, and she unknowingly taped his confession at the suggestion of her lawyer. The lawyer was said to have suggested this due to California law, which states that an individual may record the conversation of another without their consent in the latter individual has committed a violent felony and is about to give evidence to do so. Child molestation under 14 is considered a violent felony in that state. The taped confession is extremely alarming, and consists of the 67-year-old recalling several incidents in which he initiated improprieties to underage girls, even at one point mixing up who they were and when the incident had occurred, a slip-up he eventually rectified with the help of said therapist. One of the underage girls is said to be related to the actor’s first wife, Marjorie Weinman.

The original investigation began in 2012, when the Los Angeles Police Department received a copy of the audio confession in question, but could not verify a legitimate victim from the recording. After conducting a formal investigation, authorities concluded that the sending of said tape was merely caused by a concerned tip, but could not actually lead anywhere. Collins’ estranged wife, Faye Grant, recently filed vicious documents surrounding the actor, accusing him of being a pedophile who refuses to get help. The documents detail Grant’s claims that, despite his own confessions to her about the things he had done, he continued to flat-out refuse psychiatric help for both him and the girls he abused. There is suggestion that Grant had communication with one of the girls, who has given the statement that she wrote to Collins’ wife back in 2000 to inform her of what her husband had done. In late 2011, Grant reportedly wrote back to the woman and said she believed her claims, now having become aware of Collins’ actions herself.

The fallout from the molestation charges has been enormous for the actor. Not only has he voluntarily dropped out of the Screen Actors Guild, he has also been fired from the upcoming sequel to Mark Wahlberg’s hit comedy Ted, which is said to hit theaters in 2015. He has also seemingly been removed from The Committee for Stress-Free Schools, of which he is co-director. The website removed his bio from their list of contributors, shortly after news broke of the molestation charges. His former 7th Heaven co-stars have been blindsided by the recent news, with TV wife and fellow Star Trek co-star Catherine Hicks has given the statement that she never saw any kind of signs that he could commit this kind of behavior, and stood by him saying that she still viewed him as a great guy.

It remains to be seen if TV Guide Network will stick true to their promise of never airing another 7th Heaven episode ever again. For the time being, however, network executives are reportedly set in their decision.

By Rebecca Grace

CBS News

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