Washington Marysville Pilchuck High School Shooting One Person Detained


The situation at Washington Marysville Pilchuck High School continues to develop as police have arrived at the scene of the reported shooting, and while police have detained at least one person, leading them out of the school in handcuffs, no information has been released. Just after 11:20 am local time, local news station KIRO TV broadcast live video of the scene showing two different individuals, presumed to be students, being led out of the building in handcuffs. Both individuals, however, were released from handcuffs almost immediately after being searched by police. It is not known at this point if this was a precautionary measure on the part of responding officers or if these individuals are suspected of having information about the incident.

Initial reports coming out of Washington indicated that several students and at least one teacher told local news media that there was at least one boy, known to the students sending these reports, who reportedly opened fire near the cafeteria at the Washington high school. One teacher told a reporter that students and school staff were locked in classrooms to keep safe as they waited for police to respond. There has not been any indication as yet about whether there are more than one suspected shooter or if officials believe the shooter is working alone.

Images from the broadcast are showing scenes of students being led away from the school with their arms raised in the air by police. They also showed a medflight helicopter land and take off again, possibly with a patient. A local Washington hospital has confirmed that three patients had arrived there, with another expected. Though no specifics about whether they are students or staff has been released, it was confirmed that at least one of the injuries was a gunshot would to the head. The school issued a statement which gave very little information, but confirmed only that the school was in lockdown due to an “emergency situation.”

Police activity outside the school indicates, according to a police officer interviewed during the broadcast, that the situation is coming more under control. One student also interviewed gave indications that he had received reports from friends that the reported shooter had been neutralized, though no confirmation of that has been confirmed. Police are currently sweeping the school for suspects, and many students and staff are still locked down in classrooms with the lights off waiting for the all-clear to be sounded. Students being evacuated were put  on busses to get them away from the scene and no parents are being allowed near the scene, but will be allowed to reunite with their children at a separate location.

The situation at the scene continues to be fluid, with very little coming in the way of official reports. Images of the scene from media helicopters are providing an ongoing  look at the police actions being taken, but without any official reports being made, the situation at this Washington high school is largely being guessed at by “expert” pundits on the television broadcasts.

By Jim Malone


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