Weather Channel Co-Founder Says Climate Change Is a Myth


Weather Channel co-founder and meteorologist John Coleman says climate change is a myth. Coleman was on Fox News Monday evening to talk about the troubles and misfortunes that face what he feels to be one of the United States’ most oppressed minority groups, which would be the climate skeptics. Coleman stated that anyone who was a climate skeptic was rarely able to get any television time since ex Vice President Al Gore had made it one of the platforms of the Democratic Party. He explained how hard it was for individuals who did not believe there was such a thing as climate change even occurring to get any attention at all.

The Weather Channel creator had already shocked numerous global warming factions last week when he penned an open letter that stated the science behind weather and climate change did not have any validity to it and that it was nothing but a myth. He declared that there was no proof of any man-made global warming at the present time in history.

The FOX News host he was speaking with, in turn, pointed out several  Republicans in Senate, such as Jon Huntsman Jr., who have exclaimed that anyone who does not believe that global warming is real is “nuts.” His response to that was Coleman turned the blame onto the media. He said they were at fault for spreading around the wrong information.

Coleman wanted to make sure everyone heard his contempt toward what has long been the agreement among the majority of climate scientists. In the letter he had written last week, he penned that there was no substantial man-made global warming at the present time, there had not been any in the past and there was no reason to have any fear about any showing up in the future, as shocking as that may sound to anyone who believes in climate change.

On Monday, he stood behind what he had written, saying that climate skeptics such as himself were being shoved out of the limelight because of the mainstream media. He explained how hard it was for someone such as himself to stand against climate change rumors due to the media constantly telling the American public over and over that the oceans are going up, ice is melting, storms are going to sweep the Earth flat and everyone will die from the heat. Science like this is incredibly bad.

Coleman exclaimed that Gore was behind the spread of most the mistakes and also belittled the one time Vice President’s scientific preparation. However, supporters of global warming beliefs have been fast to condemn Coleman’s own scientific expertise. Radio personality Joshua De Leon stated that Coleman was not a scientist of any type. He has no credentials whatsoever.

Coleman’s comments had numerous other climate change scientists in an uproar as well. Several discussions were being held online about what the man had said and various remarks were brought up about the types of programs that were aired on The Weather Channel. Several of them have to do specifically with the weather, changing climate and global warming.

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One Response to "Weather Channel Co-Founder Says Climate Change Is a Myth"

  1. Bill Butler   October 29, 2014 at 9:25 am

    John Coleman has minimal qualifications and no evidence to back up his mistaken opinions. He has no educational background in either meteorology or climatology. His degree is in Journalism.

    His contribution as cofounder of the Weather Channel lasted one year before he was forced out (more than 30 years ago) by the other cofounder. (Due to major operating losses – Coleman was CEO and president.) “Eventually, Landmark forced Coleman out of TWC.”
    The falling out included a lawsuit which Coleman apparently lost.

    In regard to “There is no significant man-made global warming at this time” ( ) perhaps John Coleman should take a vacation trip to visit the (former) glaciers on the Matterhorn.

    As for the Weather Channel itself:

    The Weather Channel Position Statement on Global Warming

    “These observations, together with computer model simulations and historical climate reconstructions from ice cores, ocean sediments and tree rings all provide strong evidence that the majority of the warming over the past century is a result of human activities.”

    “Accuweather” has the same conclusion.

    “Global Warming has Not Stopped”


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