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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is holding its annualized Hell in a Cell event this coming Sunday, and the match card looks to offer a little bit for every bit of their fan base. As with the majority of their premium programming, the entertainment company has shifted their pay-per-view business strategy to rely on monthly subscribers. What this means for month-to-month subscribers is that their voice is heard sooner rather than later because, as has already been seen with several dismissals, missing subscriptions could bring financial ruin for the entertainment company.

With that in mind, the zoomed-out view of this WWE event is not the most encouraging sight. Brock Lesnar, the current World Heavyweight Champion, is not currently on the card and has not appeared on any of the company’s weekly programming since their previous monthly event, Night of Champions. Barring a sudden bit of interference, Lesnar will not make an appearance at this one either, meaning no heavyweight championship bout and a dual main event that seems to have been cobbled together to fill Lesnar’s absence. Even without the company’s biggest title on the line, every other title holder will have to defend against at least one opponent on Sunday night.

The kick-off match for this WWE event will be one for the Tag Team Championship with the champion Dust Brothers fighting the Usos. In what has become a monthly tradition for tag-teams, and these two teams in particular lately, this opening quartette will be there to warm-up the crowd before the official show begins. Neither of these teams will find much in the way of variety until one member of a respective team betrays the other, so the titles will probably stick around the golden waists of the Dust Brothers in this one.

WWE has booked two divas matches for this event with Diva’s Champion AJ Lee battling Paige for the title and the Bella Twins clashing with the loser becoming the victor’s slave for a month. AJ and Paige have gone back and forth for months now and have seemed like the only Divas booking that has nothing to do with the Total Divas shows, but it also seems like the time for one to establish themselves over the other. Paige, being the newest rocketing female wrestler, will probably grab the title here and get the bump up. Brie, with the rumored second coming of Daniel Bryan, looks to be set-up to lose here with Bryan returning to “free” her sometime within the 30 days. Even if he does not come back then, it will still set a later revenge angle for his eventual return, so Nikki will probably grab this one.

The two second-tier WWE titles will probably change hands with Shamus losing to The Miz, and “stunt double” Mizdow, and Dolph Ziggler dropping his title to Cesaro in a two-out-of-three falls match. Cesaro has been looking for a push since Wrestlemania, and the Intercontinental title would probably help him move up the ladder a bit. As far as The Miz, he is just caught in the updraft of a fairly popular gimmick between him and his double, and his opponent has just been spinning in place since his return to television.

Both matches slated to be the Hell battles in a steel cage, or cell, have a chance at closing out this WWE event with John Cena versus Randy Orton having name recognition, and Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose containing the fresh, energetic possibilities of this relatively new matchup. Whichever goes on first will probably still have a physical say in the main event the way all storylines are currently aimed. Orton against Cena, hopefully going somewhere in the middle, looks to have an Orton victory, propelling him over with those that are tired with Cena’s dominance. Should that happen, then that will lead to The Viper taking out Rollins at the end of the night, handing Ambrose his vengeance, Orton his face turn and closing out this WWE event with the crowd roaring. That seems to be the direction the company is heading, but we will all have to see when Hell in a Cell happens Oct. 26 from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

Opinion by Myles Gann


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